Cravings are normal.

Seriously. A study in Appetite found 97% of female subjects and 68% of male subjects experienced cravings. But for some reason, our culture has instilled a sense of guilt when it comes to indulging cravings. 


I disagree. Indulge your cravings in a balanced way. 

What if we could satisfy the hunger of the mind and the body? Meet cravings and eat healthy? That’s an indulgence a day. Using crave-able flavors and foods that are highlighted in a recipe yet moderated by creating nutrition balance in the dish. Satisfy your craving so it doesn’t hold you hostage for the day.

How many times have you thought “I’m going to be good. I’ll have this healthier snack instead of that piece of chocolate.” Only to have eaten the snack, not be satisfied and still eat the piece of chocolate. You could have just had the chocolate. I want you to commit to eating your indulgence by finding a recipe that sounds perfect. 


Here’s why and how:

The basics:

  • Hunger is biological. It helps you survive by getting energy.
  • Cravings are neurological. Your brain makes it happen.

Most craving foods are high calorie: fat and sugar and for most people that means processed snack or ‘junk’ foods. Your brain makes you feel uncomfortable if you don’t meet the craving. And if you do, you still feel negative. If you eat the craving food all the time, your body thinks it needs more of it to get that same happy feeling. 

Nerd Out:

The brain’s reward system identifies a target food craving and tells the body it will be happy as long as the food is consumed. The brain’s desire for immediate gratification kicks long term goals out of the way as the body releases hormones that make the lack of the craving uncomfortable.  The body is tricked into thinking the only way to feel better is to get the craving item. 

If the craving is consumed frequently and with abandon, a tolerance can be created, meaning more and more is needed to meet the needs of the craving. 

How To Indulge: 

By pairing healthy foods with crave able items, the craving response can possibly be tied to healthy foods by manipulating cravings into achieving positive goals.



Elements of Craving + High fiber Healthy = Balanced Indulgences

Healthfully Ever After & Carlene Thomas 2011-2017