You're married and work together?!

Suspend your disbelief- it's true. We've known each other since fourth grade (the yearbook pictures have laser backgrounds and we are both sufficiently awkward looking but it's amusing none the less) and are high school sweethearts. While Chris has always helped with the blog and business, he joined the company full time in 2015. No, we don't drive each other insane all the time. Usually other people drive us insane. 

what are your backgrounds in nutrition, food and design/photography?

Carlene is a registered dietitian nutritionist (see below) and comes from a crazy cooking family that likes to show love by feeding people. Chris went to school for design but also has an amazing memory and helped Carlene study throughout school and for her credentialing exam, so we consider him a 'honorary nutritionist'. 


This is our most FAQ. We'll refer you to this post and this video  where Carlene talks about the business. Since these posts in 2015, much has changed but the starting point is still the same. The blog started in spring of 2011, beginning as a way to chronicle the craziness of becoming a dietitian.

What’s a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist?

Carlene is. She's also the immediate Past President of the Virginia Academy of Nutrition and dietetics. In a nutshell, all dietitians are nutritionists, but not all nutritionists are dietitians. A Registered Dietitian, or RD/RDN, is a health professional that has extensive nutrition education and training. In order for someone to become a dietitian we go through A LOT of work.  Read more about the process here.  If you want to learn more about her experience becoming a dietitian, read the Dietetic Internship posts and undergrad posts from James Madison University.  

What kind of diet do you eat? 

We love food. WE LOVE IT. We only eat what's worth it when it comes to 'treats'. You will never, ever see us eating a sub-par croissant. The rest of the time we eat a variety of vegetables, fruits, pulses and meat. We also eat mostly seasonally (because no one is like YAAAS FRENCH ONION SOUP in August in Virginia) except when it comes to produce that is frozen (short growing seasons and technology-freezing definitely preserves the nutrition and flavor of a lot of great things). 

So I heard you're restoring a historic house? 

You heard right. We are restoring an 1800's folk Victorian home in a historic district. You can follow along on Instagram with #MaoHaus or check out some of the blog posts on finished rooms. 

Here's the first post showing demo, reframing and wall removal on the first floor. 

Here's the second post showing a total blank slate of the new open floor plan. 

What's your RSS feed so I can subscribe?

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