Happy Friday! There have definitely been a lot of beets on the blog recently (this sandwich, this salad...) so since it's a day of celebration for the weekend, it's only appropriate that I make a cocktail out of a root vegetable. My latest clean cocktail for Swooned uses fresh beet juice and ginger for a zingy but sweet veggie beverage. It's also the first really layered cocktail I've made...and on accident too! 

It's been a great start to April, coming off of what can only be described as an INSANE March. What really hit me was trying to un-train myself from working in the evenings and weekends, but especially to stop checking my email before bed. Seriously. After two amazing nights of sleep in a row I had to ask myself what was different? It was finally not checking email before crawling under the covers. I could relax. I was creating self induced tossing and turning because my mind was racing over what I needed to do tomorrow. Those two previous days I had taken time to sit in the sun and read (albeit books related to business and cooking...). So that's it for me! I have to stop checking email in the evening. It's so hard and I have this sort of guilt I feel when I'm relaxing. But one thing I've realized as a business owner is you truly have to set boundaries and not work 24/7 or you'll burn out. And I don't have the time to recoup from a melt down. 

Today I'm out of the office and prepping for my Virginia Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics presentation and panel discussion this weekend on how social media can be used in the health care world. Time to get practicing and packing! 


Healthier Cocktails: Beet Ginger 
Healthier Cocktails: Beet Ginger 

PS. To any dietetics students who read the blog, best of luck on Match Day this weekend! Here's a post I wrote way back in 2011 on how to deal with Match Day stress as I counted down! 

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