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4 Ingredient Green Smoothie Recipe and Video

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4 ingredient green smoothie

There are approximately five million smoothie recipes in existence and probably a good third of them are green smoothies. Maybe that's the problem. When you're overwhelmed by too many options and too many ingredients, it's hard to want to try at all. So THIS green smoothie recipe is literally the most simple, essence of a green smoothie there is. It's green. There are 3-4 ingredients (depending on a choice you make later) and everyone will like it because NO it doesn't 'taste green'. What else is there? 

In this smoothie recipe I went with spinach as the green because it's easy to cover the flavor. It's not bitter like a cruciferous green (kale). I picked bananas to make the smoothie creamy and pineapple to cut through a rich banana flavor. As for ingredient four if you choose it? You can go for water (not counting it as an ingredient) or a skim milk (what I do for extra protein) or a milk alternative. You're going to get lots of fiber to keep you full in this smoothie but also important antioxidants. Watch the video for a full explanation! 

/// Ingredients ///

  • 1 ripe banana (look for brown spots on the peel)
  • 1 cup frozen pineapple chunks
  • 2 cups fresh spinach
  • milk, water, milk alternative to your texture preference

/// Directions ///

Add everything to the blender, spinach on the top layer, and blend until smooth and creamy. 

Weekly Curated Videos and Links

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Happy Memorial Day weekend! We aren't traveling to the beach (we are beach snobs and the beaches we want to go to and like require ocean hopping), but we are excited my little brother is coming to visit from Arizona! The plans involve farmers market bacon and roasting s'mores. So basically....we're eating. I'm also working on wrapping up the last bit of the NEW EBOOK to help you detox your winter habits. I've been going through the plan myself and although I don't like to talk solely numbers on weight, I've dropped my winter weight (it was a cheesy grits and lots of bread kind of winter) so freaking fast. I really think you guys are going to like this book.

In the mean time, here's what you missed!


Learn about the two new blog series I'm running: Women in Food interviews and DC Dining. Who should I interview and where should I eat? Any recommendations? 



mini lemon curd thyme cakes


DC Dining Day: Rose's Luxury

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Once upon a time, DC was not a good place for good food. There were one or two steak restaurants and some chain dining...but nothing really special. Until one day, some how, DC became foodie and unbelievably, became home to the nation's #1 rated restaurant. And it was time for me to take advantage of this turn of events and make eating at new places in DC a priority. 

So in this new category on the blog, I'm going to chronicle my dining experiences in the DMV for you. Tell you what I ordered and if it was meh, great, shitty or life changing. Tell you what we did before/after eating so you have something to do nearby the restaurant. And maybe most importantly, tell you how to eat healthy the next day or the day of so you can eat LITERALLY WHATEVER you want and not feel guilty. It's about balance and I know that can seem difficult to start, but I hope that my sharing what I did as a nutritionist who freaking loves food will help you. Also, I am not a food critic. I'm not a know it all pain in the ass, photograph everything annoying food blogger. This is just from me (and the husband) to you, my experience and hopefully a guide. 

First on the list is the best of the best: Rose's Luxury.

Rose's Luxury:: 717 8th St SE

What We Ate:

  • Mezcal Cocktail
  • Smoked Trout Mousse with Apples and Chervil
  • Pork Sausage, Habanero and Lychee Salad **Favorite of the night
  • Smoked Brisket with White Bread, Horseradish and Slaw
  • Coconut Ice Cream
  • Avocado White Chocolate Ice Cream (Sent over by our server)

What We Thought: Huge duh here but it was the best meal we've ever had. Ever. Every dish was so well balanced and you need to trust your server. Order what they recommend. Ask if you don't know how much to order. I swear that the staff and the atmosphere are 40% of the experience. And they rocked. We asked our server to put us wherever she wanted to which she said we seemed like her kind of people and gave us a seat at the chef's table where we were about 3 feet from the kitchen and facing in. It was awesome. 

What We Did That Day: Caught a 1 PM Nationals baseball game which ended at 4, walked up to Rose's to stand in line by 4:20 where a line had already formed. Perfect timing.

Words of Wisdom: Rose's does not take reservations. If you want to eat here, make it your priority. Literally take the time to wait in line before opening, or you're probably not eating there. We went on a Wednesday and an hour before opening there were already 10 people ahead of us. By opening, the line was a block plus long. Make it a priority or you're not eating there. And you SERIOUSLY need to eat there. 

What We Ate The Next Day: Green juice (kale, lemon, apple, cucumber) for breakfast, smoothies (frozen berries, protein powder and skim milk) for lunch, salad with a slice of pizza on top for dinner. Also, lots of water. The food was really, really perfectly seasoned but we aren't used to that much sodium in a day (especially since we had pretzels and one of us had a hotdog at the stadium). 

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