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Healthier Cocktails: Bourbon Rainier Cherry Muddle

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Happy Friday! I am spending the day playing catch up from a fun day yesterday...never a bad problem to have. I finally got the chance to head over to #CCMStreetDC in Georgetown, the office that Meg Biram shares with several amazing ladies, to check out the space and chat. If you checkout the hashtag on Instagram, you can see for yourself how beautiful it is! I have to tell you all, each of these ladies is wonderful and I feel so glad to have finally connected with those that I did not already 'know in person'. Because you can totally 'know someone on social media' but have not met them in person. You feel me. So living off of a fun day shopping in Georgetown, here I sit, invoicing and doing the not so fun part of owning a business. 

To make a day at the desk a little more bearable, I'm sharing my latest clean cocktail for Swooned: a bourbon Rainier cherry muddle with candied ginger. If you see any of these cherries in your markets, SNATCH THEM UP. They are, to me, even better than the 'regular' cherries. Head over and see how to make your Friday a little sweeter. 

Healthier Cocktails: Bourbon Rainier Cherry Muddle 

Healthy Eating Refresh: 13 Recipes To Jump Start Your Habits

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I'm one of those girls who has always loved back to school. Even now as I see Tar-jay running their back to school advertisements (too soon guys), I get a little excited. I love the thought of a fresh, brisk season. I love being organized. To me, 'back to school' is really more like a New Years Eve type situation. It's time to re-set. So obviously, to me that starts with food.

So many of my clients are busy. Like they start their days before dawn so they have time to work out, and always have something going on type busy. That means even though I really want to help them slow down, I do what's most helpful: find healthy recipes that are fast. Today I'm sharing 13 of my top picks for your 'back to school'. From breakfast on the run, snacks in the bag to dinner that can double as lunch the next day (rule of thumb: always add it over greens!), these options are gooooorgeous. Which means a more gorgeous, balanced you.

Disclosure: Foodie by MODE compensated me for this post. Which is awesome because seriously, what is better than finding amazing recipes to share with you all? It's what I do anyway! 

Easy Summer Salsa

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For many people, piles of produce are overwhelming. It's like you have these great ideas for healthy options in your mind when shopping, so you fill up your arms with so many tomatoes, summer squashes, peppers that when you get home you're like "Well now what??". And that same produce ends up in the trash or compost a week later. For shame.

To make a meal out of produce you have to think of what will make it interesting. Because realistically, you're just not going to eat only veg, straight up. When I do al fresco dinner platters, it's a pairing with cheese or olives that makes me happy. Sometimes it's roasting veggies and adding over greens with a really, really good dressing and quinoa confetti. And sometimes it's tortilla chips. Which is perfect if you have everything you need to make salsa at home. Like now. Olé! 

Easy Summer Salsa 

Making salsa at home takes a little time with all the finite chopping, but it's so worth it. After an entire day of munching on this compared to what I thought was pretty kick ass organic salsa from the store that I tried the next contest. I might as well have been eating ketchup packets before. The freshness and flavor combinations from jalapeño, onion, lime and then sweet summer tomatoes is one you just can't re-create any other season. So take advantage! Get a major dose of veggies to put on protein, chips or a taco salad. And because this has so many veggies, it has a lot of fiber which means you get full, faster. Pair that with the antioxidants from the tomatoes? You're pretty much on your way to an amazing meal.


Easy Summer Salsa

/// Ingredients ///

  • 3 medium tomatoes, de-seeded and chopped (or a ton of cherry tomatoes!)
  • 1 bell pepper, diced
  • 1 jalapeño, minced
  • 1/2 medium red onion, minced
  • juice of 1 lime
  • 1 handful cilantro leaves, chopped
  • salt
  • pepper

/// Directions /// Chop all vegetables and tomatoes. For the tomatoes, you've got to 'gut them' or the salsa will be way too soggy. For me, that means cutting them into quarters and scooping out the seeds before chopping. As for that jalapeño? It's up to you to take out the seeds or leave them in depending on how hot you want it!  Mix everything together and let it set in the fridge for an hour if you can wait! Let the flavors meld together. 

easy summer salsa

Hope that helps to get you through the rest of the week! It's an easy summer something, perfect for sitting outside with friends. 

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