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Kitchen Tool Essential: Nut Milk Bag

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When you see lists of kitchen tool essentials I'm going to bet you a nut milk bag is never on the list. Nut milk bags are something you don't know you need until you have one. When I started making almond milk on occasion and juicing more with my Vitamix, I got real tired, real quick using a cheese cloth. Since cheese cloth requires you to cut and throw away the strainer each time I was over that in a hot minute. A nut milk bag is more efficient, sustainable and requires less storage. Hell yeah. 


  • This nut milk bag is the one I bought for under $10 and it's lasted beautifully for several months. Although the veggies can stain the mesh (kale, beets...yep), it doesn't bother me! 
  • This is the Vitamix I use to make nut milks and juice with a blender. It's ridiculous high power but it's what you need if you want to consistently make either of these recipes!
  • Here's a recipe for how I make almond milk.
  • Here's how I juice using a blender.

Let me know how you use a nut milk bag, or other weird kitchen tools you think are essentials in the comments below! See more videos on kitchen tools on my YouTube. 

Styled Food Shoot: Winter Citrus

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With March beginning next week, I'm excited to share the last little bit of winter with you guys and the bounty of citrus I worked with recently. In this food photoshoot I styled and shot for Swooned, I really hope you see citrus in a new way for all of the amazing qualities it has within a recipe and visual display! Between this amazing piece Holly Chapple designed for the shoot and this beautiful trout I was able to nab I'm over the moon with the beauty of food today.

Go check out the full feature and let me know what your favorite kind of citrus is! I used a total of 9 varieties!

Styled Food Shoot: Winter Citrus 
Styled Food Shoot: Winter Citrus 
Styled Food Shoot: Winter Citrus 

Weekly Videos: Cast Iron Skillets 101 and February Favorites

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This week on YouTube I shared two videos:

1. February Favorites: Where I share my favorite products of February including health foods, organization and nail polish. And a handbag. Because, duh.

2. Cast Iron Skillet 101: Cast iron skillets are something I use HONESTLY almost every day. I know they may be confusing if you've never used them before, so I teach you how to season it, care for it and where you can buy a new one. 

Remember, you can subscribe to get the videos to your inbox, or stick around and wait for this post! Happy last week of February- I'm ready for March!

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