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Beauty Booster Smoothie: Cherry Peach

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Oh my gosh you guys, it's peach season. You don't realize how badly you miss specific produce, until there's so much of it you are just consumed by the vast recipe potential as you drive down the highway with about fifteen pounds of peaches or cantaloupe in your car and you emerge smelling like a fruit salad. Which isn't even a bad thing. I have nothing to complain about. 

Beauty Booster Smoothie: Cherry Peach

When I have a lot of produce hanging about that needs to be used in a hurry, smoothies are my go-to. So one extra ripe peach and a handful of leftover cherries and I'm on my way to the most delicious dietitian dessert ever. It is that good. I would be happy with this over a chocolate cake right now. To make this beauty booster smoothie extra nutrition packed, I tossed in a secret ingredient; fish oil. Before you freak out, you cannot taste it. And it's lemon flavored. And it's literally the greatest fish oil of all time. And it makes your hair and skin pretty. So just do it. 

Beauty Booster Smoothie: Cherry Peach

Cherry Peach Beauty Booster Smoothie

Serves 1

/// Ingredients ///

  • 1 peach, sliced (skin on for fiber yo!)
  • 5 cherries, pitted (ranier)
  • 1/4 lemon, juiced
  • 1/4 c wine berries (raspberry substitute)
  • 1 teaspoon ascenta nutra sea lemon fish oil
  • 5 ice cubes (to bulk it up)

/// Directions /// You know the drill. Throw everything in the blender. 

Beauty Booster Smoothie: Cherry Peach

Behind the Scenes: Food Photo-shoots

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tomatoes: Behind the Scenes: Food Photo-shoots 

Behind the scenes looks are the best. I know I love them when I see them (albeit rarely) on other blogs, but more than anything I like to share a glimpse of what no one likes to show. The truth of the matter is, pretty pictures are really kind of cray-cray behind the scenes. 

On Friday I headed over to Abby Jiu's (who was the photographer for this shoot, who has a gorgeous kitchen, is fabulous and has the best dog ever) to style the summer food spread for Swooned. Remember the spring edible flower bar? This is the summer one. And of course, I'm beyond excited because it's all about one of my favorite pieces of produce. In this picture Abby posted on're only seeing about half the madness. Two poster boards, three people, a reflector and we are all hiding the explosion of props and food I brought spread across Abby's counter in this picture alone.

The great thing about food is if you can find the right product (beautiful, unique, natural) , it makes your job a little easier but here's what no one tells you:

  • Your entire home will be taken over a week before, until about two days after the shoot. You'll start blocking out props in the dining room or your office and they'll start migrating all over. And your fridge? Don't plan on using it. Or God forbid, eating any food out of it. I seriously need an entirely separate fridge for photo shoots (Husband: "What am I allowed to eat in here?"). And then once you get home from the shoot, you're putting everything back and washing dishes. For a long, long time if you don't have a dishwasher and YOU are the dishwasher because you're still restoring your house. FYI: that's not an if. That's a definite and I did.  
  • You have to organize so much your organized lists will have lists. The best thing you can do to make a shoot go well is to prepare ahead of time. Send a shot list to the photographer. Make recipe grocery lists for all the specific stores you need to go to (farmer's market, grocery, specific vendor pick ups). Make prop lists. Make tool lists. And then find those lists and re-organize them so you can actually use them the day of.
  • It will be a mess. So bring paper towels. Number one favorite food styling tool on location: paper towels. I've also learned to always have scissors, lint rollers, water spritzers, zip lock bags/ saran wrap and tupperware containers (the worst part is packing up all that food that is now no-longer self contained and easy to move). I also always bring a few pieces of poster board or foam core for bouncing light and creating false backgrounds.

I absolutely love styled shoots and I am so, so thrilled to have them as part of my business! That's a wrap, so stay tuned for the full spread on Swooned soon! 

Paleo Wedding Cakes and Desserts in DC

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Attention DC area dessert seekers and specifically, brides: Are you looking for a cake for your wedding or event but you have food allergies or are seeking a Paleo option? You need to connect with Out of the Box Bakery! Every recipe, frosting included, is gluten free, dairy free, soy free and made without processed sugar. And if you've ever tried to accomplish such a cake at home and make it look good, you know why this is such a big deal. So much potential for ugly, not yummy failure, that's why. 

After meeting two of the ladies from Out of the Box Bakery at Blog Brunch DC earlier this summer, I knew I had to clue you guys in. While there is a similar bakery option in the Virginia suburbs I like to recommend to people seeking vegan, gluten free or dairy free cakes, I just love the way OOTBB lets the natural beauty of ingredients take over when they decorate. With flavors like lemon berry buttercream (below), pistachio and dark chocolate ganache, there is definitely something for everyone. 


Even though I am super up front about the fact that I am just not into Paleo eating and lifestyle (you know transparency is important to me), I love that these ladies put so much work into figuring out how to work with more wholesome ingredients. And they make it look amazing. I can also tell you their crumble is out of control good! Let the food speak for itself. 

So now you know! If you're seeking a diet specific cake in DC, such a thing does exist! 

///Image courtesy of Out of the Box Bakery///

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