Ever feel overwhelmed? Have you said 'Yes' to too many projects recently? As a post grad/internship student, I was feeling a little stressed at the start of the year. And I am a chronic over achiever. Not a good combination. Recently, the Picky Eating RD posted ways she puts 'me first' by sharing a few of her favorites. It's time to take more time to enjoy what I love! So here are the favorites of this dietetic intern:

  • The Felines- Did you know having a pet can reduce stress? Tango and Cashew enjoy sleeping in my reusable grocery bags and attempting to nab whatever I'm eating from my plate.Don't worry. It's a healthy diet.

  • The hubby- Because I kill the spiders, he makes me snacks, and we had a wedding focused on really, really good cake from Arlington. It's a good relationship.

  • Carving pumpkins..and anything pumpkin flavored. Like this vegan pumpkin soup from Elizabeth Eats.

  • Reading Gastronomica- This is my top pick for food reading. Take a mix of culture and food and enjoy reading about everything from designs in rice paddy fields to the history of a pistachio. The magazine is released approximately 4 times a year and you can find it in most Barnes and Noble stores.

  • Writing - It's been six + months since Carlene's Figments took off and I've enjoyed sharing everything from my take on nutrition phonies and supplements to restaurant reviews. One of my career goals is to write for a magazine!

  • Soda Stream- If you are looking for a new kitchen gadget this needs to be your next pick up. Just add water and press the button-voila! You have freshly carbonated water without dragging bottles home from the grocery store.

What are your favorite things right now?