I've never been a big baseball fan.  It's hard to fit that kind of thing into a sports life of Green Bay Packer dedication that has been handed down for generations. Example scenario: Brett Favre retires (the first time). Family sincerely mourns. But over the past few years, DC has started to become a bit of a baseball town...a rather good one. Armed with the husband as my guide, we booked our first Nationals game decked out in red, white and blue.

For those waffling over heading to Navy Yard to see the game, do it. It's an easy metro commute leading to a clean LEED certified stadium with views of the Capitol and Washington monument. Aim to arrive at the stadium half an hour early for plenty of time to check out the park and grab a snack.While stadium snacks are crazy expensive, it's the norm at many MLB games. Expect to pay $9.00 for a beer and $5.00 for a curly W pretzel (see instagram for details) . You can however, bring your own sealed bottle in which I highly recommend in DC summer.

What I did notice was the lack of healthy options in the stadium. There's the usual baseball food: beer, soda, pretzels, fries... but picking healthy stadium food just takes research. Here are my top picks for smart snack tips at the Nationals game:

  • Split anything you purchase with a friend to get a correct portion.
  • Eat something pre-game in the car. Think apples, carrots, cheese, dried fruit.
  • Pick up peanuts to keep your hands busy cracking shells.
  • Field of Greens is your best choice. It has hummus, veggie wraps, etc...
  • DuPont Deli has sandwiches. Ask for something with extra vegetables and whole wheat bread.
  • Jamming Island BBQ: corn on the cob.
  • Red Porch: Unfortunately it's a sit down restaurant which is a 'why bother?' when you're there to see the game. However, they do have salads.

Worst Option Hall of Fame: The Strausburger, weighing in at eight pounds of burger.

And who can say no to the 'presidents race' where I am almost certain, they use their interns to run the bases in giant suits of Teddy Roosevelt, Abe Lincoln and the like. They run a dirty race and I never thought I would see the day where George Washington would trip a fellow statesman.

We are definitely planning on heading back soon. Natitude included.

Dietitian Nutritionist. My husband Chris and I create food and beverage photos, videos, stopmotions and recipes. And they're really cool.