With only two of us in the house, it's hard to justify making multiple kinds of Christmas cookies. Although, one of the cats has a love of baked good, but still, three cookie eaters? Still not enough consumers. Luckily, Grandma called me to come over and whip up a few kinds of cookies this weekend. One of the batches, filberts, involve meringue and several cups of hazelnuts. The cookies I brought back didn't last the night.

  • Terrariums are kind of making a comeback...since the victorian era. And in an effort to make our victorian era house more...authentic, I'm in for this herb DIY. 
  • How to build the perfect cheese plate, wine pairings included.
  • Wearing a different neckline tonight and can't figure out what necklace works? The neckline:necklace cheat sheet. 
  • Veggie juicing 101 chart for newbies.  As a side note, please don't fall for the New Year's detox juicing specials.
  • Ever since I saw a Kate Spade feather skirt I've been in love. This one from Top Shop is sold out, but way more budget friendly.  And this love of feather skirts is exactly why I'm not suited to work in a hospital with a strict dress code.
  • Pre and post holiday feast ideas from tortilla soup to buttermilk cake.
  • Shop your age for nutrition. Did you know your needs change as you age?