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Why do you do what you do? I don't want to hear your elevator pitch. I know I have mine down pat. I can tell you my goals, purpose, who I work with, who I am and how I make it happen in an adorably phrased speech bubble with a bow. But until earlier this week, I couldn't put into words why I'm driven to work with brides in wedding wellness, or why I blog, or work with students. And for some reason, maybe it was the conflict in Congress, maybe it was the company my husband was telling me about that branded itself in a non-authentic way... it clicked for me. Strap yourselves in. 

If you've ever taken Myers Briggs personality tests, you can actually learn a lot about yourself. I know that I'm an ESTJ. I can easily read situations and people. I'm straightforward and I don't hide how I feel about something (good or bad). My face won't let me, even if I want to. I like order, honesty, clear standards and having a set goal. I'm "the mom" of the group...dependable and a guardian. I'll hold your purse while you go ride the roller coaster at the theme park. And I bring snacks. Funny how it all makes sense now...

I do what I do because I hate to see people scammed, tricked, lied to and ultimately let down by dishonesty when they crave that very promised 'solution' the most. I get serious rage when I see commercials for diet pills or 'fail proof systems' that promise the people "guaranteed" weight loss and in their minds, happiness. When I see a poorly done recipe that's touted as healthy but is in reality not that great at all and built around a usually expensive craze, I roll my eyes and wonder how many people are pulled in by the health halo.  I hate that a healthy lifestyle is usually painted in extremes: That to be healthy you can never have pizza, dessert or cocktails and you have to do cross fit or run every day and post about it on your social media accounts. Lastly, when I see a blog that doesn't share true personality, but hides behind products and fails to disclose compensation by a company, I wonder if we really need more hidden advertisements. It's not to say I don't get why companies do it. Everyone needs to make a living. But I'll be damned if they need to hurt people in the process. MY people. 

When a client comes to me, it's most often with a history of dieting. They've tried several. They've stopped several. They're confused by all of the health claims they see. Most of all they're frustrated and ready to give up....or take up the next diet claim hoping this one is different. If the client is getting married, she's stressed to the max. She has anxiety about paying for sessions to improve her health for the rest of her life because it's not immediately tangible like a veil or shoes. It's hard to trust what you can't see.

I'm here because I care about helping people who want to change and I want to do it with honesty, integrity and clarity. As a dietitian I want to be a resource for those who feel like they 'cant' eat healthy and show them they can. To teach them things with clarity that they can use forever and pass on like an heirloom. For the blog and other projects, I take the time to style pretty pictures of food because I want to be a resource to those who are looking for un-pretentious, non-judgemental healthy recipes that taste good and don't focus on a calorie count. Those pretty pictures draw you in and make health more appealing and hopefully bring you to read and connect with my nutrition philosophy. None of them guilt you for being or not being vegetarian/vegan/paleo/etc. 

While I don't show actual face on here very often, I'm starting to feel that perhaps I should. To show that yes, I love shoes, make up and nail polish but I don't buy into the 'every blogger trends' and that you shouldn't feel guilty if you don't either (Lookin at you 90's apparel resurgence). To show you that I am a healthy size and shape but I also really, really, really love cheese and cocktails. Dietitian honesty right there.

The bottom line is I'm into realistic, honest and balanced approaches to life. And I finally know why. You may now unstrap your seat belts. 

Have you ever had a career 'ah-ha' movement? Did my moment of clarity make sense?  

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