So you've probably browsed Pinterest, or checked out recipe recommendations in your local paper, for Super Bowl Sunday. I'm just going to take a wild guess here (based on 99% of what I've seen in the past day alone) and say it's probably overloaded with meat, cheese, fried objects and in a deep dish casserole. But you know what? That's lazy cooking. Some of these dishes and recipes get to the point where it's so lazy easy to make it loaded up with fatty layers you can no longer actually taste what you're eating. 

For a healthy Super Bowl Sunday here are my 5 Easy Snack Tips that you can change for your existing spread. 

healthy super bowl tips 

1. Use smaller serving utensils and scoops for pasta salads and casseroles.

This is actually food service 101 talking combined with a sprinkle of Brian Wansink food psychology studies. A utensil that is accurate to the calculations you made based on how many guests and how many servings you need ensures that you actually make enough! A smaller utensil is shown by studies to help us serve ourselves less. The act of repeatedly adding onto a plate triggers a 'Wait a second...'  moment as you go for the third dip. 

2. Switch from bottled Ranch Dressing to Greek Yogurt with Ranch seasoning herbs mixed in.

Even though Anthony Bourdain recently called Ranch Dressing white trash sauce, I still kind of like what it brings to the table on occasion. But instead of buying the bottled version filled with junk, grab a container of 0% Greek yogurt and pour in the dry spice mix version! More protein means you stay full and need less. Plus the thick texture is wayyy better than the runny bottle version. 

3. Bulk up recipes, but not calories, with chopped or shredded veggies.

Chop, shred, dice and fluff veggies to your heart's content in any dish to make it seem like more (In every way! More nutrients, more color...) with less calories. Veggies that will probably work well with your current spread are things like peppers, onions, spinach or kale and artichokes. 

4. Go bun-less and have lettuce cups and wraps as an option. 

If you're serving up sliders, hotdogs or sausages, have buns available...but also provide alternatives! Many store bought buns are just plain mediocre. A lettuce cup adds a crisp layer to an already good thing. Those who are gluten free or are used to just dealing with going bunless with no alternatives, will thank you. My favorite lettuce to use for cups is either a Bibb or Butter lettuce variety.

5. Switch cream cheese to reduced fat 'neufchâtel cheese'. 

Using cream cheese in a  recipe? I honestly can't tell you the last time I used it. I've always opted for neufchâtel cheese at the grocery. It's wonderful and creamy and basically the same thing (to me) as cream cheese but for less fat and calories. 


What are you making for the Super Bowl? Do you have any healthy tips? 

Dietitian Nutritionist. My husband Chris and I create food and beverage photos, videos, stopmotions and recipes. And they're really cool.