Quick Lunch: Cranberry Pita Pockets

I hope the start of the week was awesome for you. Because I'm currently still in Atlanta for FNCE (Food and Nutrition Conference Expo: the national dietitian annual conference) and speaking (Holy cow!!! Like RIGHT NOW as you're reading this) I wanted to share a quick and easy recipe inspiration with you. First of all, let's just reminisce upon the pita pocket. Growing up pita pockets were THE THING, but they've dropped off the radar. They are still awesome. Go buy pita pockets. Relive the 90's in it's glory with better fillings. Second, cranberries and other dried fruit is awesome in a salad. Be it over greens or mixed in with tofu or chicken, protein always needs a little 'extra'.  Not only is dried fruit easy to store and keep while traveling, but they pack a punch flavor wise in a tiny vessel.

There you go! Change up your sandwich style and add new tart fruit confetti to your life. Two fun food to-do's. 

Cranberry Pita Pockets

To get an easy recipe for chicken salad with cranberries check it out here courtesy of the Cranberry Marketing Committee. 

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