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Happy last day of summer! Even though many of us have been ready for fall since September first, today is still summer. Instead of wishing the season away, I decided to have one last minute summer gathering before everyone's lives became overly scheduled for fall which officially starts tomorrow on September 23rd. It doesn't take much to throw together the following menu. Invite guests stopping in to bring their favorite summer dish for a last hurrah of summer produce. 

Summer always makes me realize we need to make more of an effort to get together. Make sure to check out Gather Now for ideas on how to make your next gathering great. 

flavored water station

Being a dietitian I always want people to drink more water. Having a Brita is an easy way for me to keep cold water in my fridge minus wasteful bottles. This model is HUGE and I can easily refill lots of carafes or glasses. Set up a flavored water station where guests can customize their waters with produce and herbs. It's a nice healthy choice that's kid friendly but also an option for pregnant friends. 

A Simple End of Summer Celebration Meal

asian shredded veggie salad & Shrimp skewers

Spring mix greens or lettuce often wilt easily in this Virginia heat and  humidity. A heartier salad with root veggies, brussels sprouts and cabbage is a nice in-between for coleslaw and greens. Save yourself time and use a Soy Vay dressing for seasoning. I love the citrus ginger on this salad and the spicy sauce on my shrimp skewers! Make sure you add veggies to the skewers to stretch your shrimp but also add more produce for guests. 

asian salad
asian salad

corn on the cob

This is what real corn looks like. I get ears and ears of it in my CSA about this time of year and it's just right for a party. I soak it in water in the husk and bake in the oven on the rack at 350 for about half an hour. When you pull it out it's perfectly cooked and easy to peel. Serve it with butter, salt, lime or whatever strikes your fancy! Another great base that won't take long and is easy to personalize. 

summer corn

last minute getting ready

I feel like one of the big hurdles to hosting a get together besides the menu and tendencies to go 'too big' is feeling like you have to be perfectly put together. It's summer! CHILL OUT. Ninety percent of my get up in summer is a v-neck t-shirt, a braid (humidity), stud earrings, SPF, lip balm (this Burt's Bees is so silky) and mascara. Don't over do it. Just go with the basics and go have fun! 

What is one of your favorite gathering ideas?



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