Today's Women in Food Interview is with DC food innovator and producer Rebecca who created the Swapple in her company SWAP. Simply put, "We made waffles out of veggies" and they're kept in the freezer.  BOOM. 

While I haven't had the chance to sample Rebecca's Swapples, I LOVE this idea. Waffles are amazing and I love her flavor variety that includes spicy spinach, sweet potato curry, sun dried tomato (YES) and everything bagel. The product has no added sugar, but it's also soy, gluten and nut free if that's something you need as well. And that's not even discussing the fact that they're freezer dwellers. A huge portion of people struggle with not having healthy options on hand as a kitchen staple. Healthy options in the freezer help fix that. I cannot wait to get my hands on these. 

Rebecca and the Swapple from Swap Foods:  @SwapFoods on Instagram and Twitter

Women in Food: 10 Questions with Rebecca from Swap Foods
  1. Tell us about yourself and your business.

A few years ago, I was experiencing severe issues with my blood sugar and was diagnosed with some autoimmune disorders. My doctor looked at me and said, "stop eating sugar." First I laughed in his face, and then, upon realizing he was serious, threw a (very adult like) tantrum. I literally could not picture a world without Luna Bars and Kashi Go Lean Crunch. But I knew it was important to my health, so I dropped the sugar cold turkey and made the switch to a real, whole food diet free of processed anything. Best. Decision. EVER. I quickly became a burger-for-breakfast, vegetable hoarding, self proclaimed coconut oil addict. I started cooking everything at home from scratch, and feeling like a completely different person. And that's how SWAP was born - it's a business built on the idea of 'swapping' all of the crap in the foods we eat every day for all natural, wholesome ingredients that do GOOD for you and your body.

2. If you could define your food philosophy in one sentence it would be….

More VEGGIES, less JUNK.

3. What are your 3 must have foods in your kitchen?

That's easy. Sweet potato, tahini, and parsley

4. It’s your birthday. What are you eating?

The DARKEST chocolate I can get my hands on. 

Women in Food: 10 Questions with Rebecca from Swapples

5. Signature cocktail?

H2O baby.

6. Food you can’t like no matter how hard you try?

Papaya... absolutely not. I just can't do it.

Women in Food: 10 Questions with Rebecca from Swapples

7. What are your go-to resources for all things food (websites/magazines/groceries etc)?

Foodgawker, Eater, and the Kitchn.

8. Food fad you wish would die a horrible death?

Ok this is more of a food 'habit', but cereal for breakfast. Bring on the veg and protein! 

9. Must have kitchen tool:

A GOOD knife.

10. What’s the one thing you learned this year that changed the way you think about food?

The diet that's right for you might not be for right for the next guy or gal. Every body is different. Eat what makes YOU feel YOUR personal best.


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