So you know the women in food series? It kind of became a dinner event. I'm so thankful that through this website I've been able to connect with really cool people, and this Women in Food Roof-Top Wine Dinner in June is a direct result of that. The New Bridge Restaurant in Warrenton saw the interview I did with Chef Ryan (who is from Warrenton) and whipped up THIS event! They also brought in farm goddess Martha Boneta of Paris Barns  who grew and is providing some of the produce for the dinner. 

I'm really excited about this event because meeting people doing cool sh** while eating outside is basically my favorite thing in the entire world. If you're in the area, we'd love to meet you! Get your tickets here. 

Women in Food Roof-Top Wine Dinner

June 5th @ The New Bridge Wine Bar and Restaurant in Warrenton, VA 


women in food dinner, virginia

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