Probiotic Farmhouse Culture Gut Shot 5 Ways

If you're not taking probiotics, start now. I'm serious. Here are 5 recipes to use Farmhouse Culture Gut Shots in your kitchen.

probiotic hummus recipe

If I had to pick one health and wellness thing I focused on and loved in 2016 it would be probiotics, prebiotics and the microbiome. There is SO MUCH research that shows the good bacteria in your digestive system has a LOT to do with your mood, your immune system, healthy skin, your digestion and even your weight. Changing the way you eat to benefit your gut microbiome is going to help you in a lot of ways and this post shows you five DELICIOUS ways to do it. I'm not sure why I'm using caps lock so much, but I think we can all agree I'm pretty excited about beneficial little critters that make your life better: cats. I mean...probiotics. 

You can get probiotics in your diet several ways: in fermented dairy products like yogurt or kefir, or from what we know in general as 'pickles' in the form of sauerkraut or kimchi or things like that. You can also take supplements. Or, you can do it all together by just adding probiotics to your kitchen naturally. At first, making a concerted effort to get more probiotics might take some work, but I honestly think it's just about learning how to use that flavor profile in your every day life. And today that flavor profile is powerful, spunky, flavorful and zingy. Five different types of that actually.

I first met Farmhouse Culture as a brand in Boston this fall when I was in town for a nutrition conference (FNCE for those dietitians out there). They were my personal favorite product of the expo specifically because I was on a hard core gut microbiome learning rampage, but also because they were so bold in their flavor profiles. There are a lot of brands out in the world today that compromise their true passion by trying to please everyone, whether that be by toning down flavor or attitude ( I LOVE a brand with sass and wit). Farmhouse Culture is not the brand that tries to please everyone and ends up with a mediocre product. From the probiotic Gut Shots I'm making recipes with in this post and video to the new fermented veggies like I keep in my fridge or the kraut krisps (probiotic chips!) coming out this year, everything is bold and pickle-y. I am thrilled with how each of these concept recipes turned out. You can use a significant amount of Gut Shot in each recipe and the taste is perfectly balanced. I. LOVE.

Make sure to check out the video. Possibly my favorite recipe video we've ever done.

Here's what you need to know about the Farmhouse Culture Gut Shot nutrition.

  • 110 billion CFUs at production of probiotics
  • 1.5 oz equals a serving and you can do 2-5 a day 
  • The products are organic 
  • The products are amazing
  • You will love them forever


Classic Caraway GUT SHOT


Vinegar German Potato Salad : Let's start with the classic. This recipe uses the caraway Gut Shot for a German potato salad. Since these potato salads are vinegar based, it lends itself perfectly to the vinegar like nature of the product. It's earthy and tangy and when paired with whole grain mustard, salt and fresh parsley, it becomes the easiest and hardest working potato salad. Chris and I love having pre-mixed salads and side dishes in the fridge for easy meals and snacking. This is no exception. And yes, if you want to toss in some mayo, it's equally delicious with that addition. Just boil some potatoes and toss in dressing.

Kimchi GUT SHOT 

kimchi asian salad with probiotics recipe

Kimchi Asian Salad: Dang. This is a spunky flavor, meaning it's the perfect base for a salad dressing that uses cabbage. While every Gut Shot in the line makes a good salad dressing base, I love the kimchi for an Asian cabbage salad. Here we're using savoy cabbage and spiralized veggie noodles paired with cucumber, herbs and crispy little wonton toppers. Wisk the Gut Shot in with sesame oil and fresh lime juice and give your salad a toss. It's the perfect afternoon pick me up. 


Ginger Beet GUT SHOT

raspberry beet probiotic smoothie recipe

Ginger Beet Raspberry Smoothie: NEW FAVORITE SMOOTHIE ALERT. I l love how the ginger beet gut shot pairs with frozen raspberries and frozen bananas. Also you just can't beet (nailed it) this color. Earthy beets and crisp ginger balance out the sweetness of frozen raspberries in this colorful breakfast treat. Chris is super into this one. 



probiotic hummus recipe

Garlic Dill Pickle Hummus: I've been making and eating this for days and I'm still not tired of this recipe. Make your favorite hummus recipe and substitute some of the lemon or liquid you might add for a hefty pour of this gut shot. Top with olive oil and fresh dill and scoop away with veggie dippers and your favorite cracker. 


Smoked Jalapeño Gut Shot

bloody mary recipe with probiotic farmhouse culture gut shot recipe

Smoked Jalapeño Bloody Mary: So the first way I ever used Farmhouse Culture was in a bloody mary. It is the perfect mix in! I personally like my bloody marys extra zingy so smoked jalapeño checked all the boxes for me. This Gut Shot is made with oak-smoked jalapeños plus cabbage, carrot, onion and radish. Add a shot with vodka, black pepper and your favorite bloody mary mix and don't forget to rim your glass with Old Bay.


Let me know what you're doing about improving your gut microbiome and keep an eye out for new products from Farmhouse Culture this year!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored partnership post with Farmhouse Culture. Opinions are my own.

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