Wellness Challenge: Summer Sun Protection Efficiency

Efficiency: 2 must have 'clean' SPF makeup products with dual functions.  

Did you go outside today? Were you wearing sunscreen? Probably not. It's odd how people typically only apply sun screen when they're at an actual beach and yet they're still out in the sun day to day. And I'm not saying I'm immune to that. I was on a very diligent daily sunscreen kick in high school and college, and then some time after that I ran out of product/never picked up a new one/worked from home/lost my morning routine. I just wasn't so good at my sunscreen routine after that. 

Maybe it's the fact my birthday is around the corner, but I'm feeling like I really have to re-establish that sun screen routine. For 2017 I wanted to focus on cleaning up the products I'm putting on my body. The food focus is taken care of. I've got that handled as a dietitian. But when it comes to 'clean' smart topical things like make up and skin care, I've really loved what Follain has done as a store/website for people. They cut the clutter, only let in the good stuff and try to help you figure out what works for you

In March we looked at products that would help deal with post sunny-vacation skin (you can read how to stay heathy in the US Virgin Islands here). Today's post is way shorter, way more efficient and solely about the SPF.

clean green beauty efficient two in one summer sun spf products


Josh Rosebrook Nutrient Day Cream SPF 30

Why you might want it: 

It gave me a nice even starting point (I typically have slightly pink and sensitive skin). I was shocked how my skin just absorbed the moisture rather than feeling like 'something' was sitting on my skin. The brand describes it as SPF 30 blended with anti-aging benefits that also works as a base layer for make up by reducing redness (see above...I mean, really it works). The cream uses zinc oxide which is a powerful natural UV shield. Evening primrose oil reduces inflammation and irritation while linoleic acid helps prevent hyper-pigmentation. The hemp seed oil ingredient has vitamins A and E to protect against free radical damage. 


ILIA Sheer Tinted Moisturizer

Why you might want it: 


Dewy foundation tint with SPF 30. For summer I'm shade Hanalei T3 (the website describes it as fair during winter and tans to golden in summer). This product might not be for you if you're oily. My skin tends toward dry but I would describe it as 'normal'. I definitely had a glow throughout the day so this is probably also not for you if you like a matte finish look. The product uses avocado oil to nourish and combat free radicals and also contains white tea extract and rosemary leaf extract. I can't remember the last time I was so thrilled with a make up item.  


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