Seasoning Dipped Soft Boiled Eggs

Hard boiled eggs upgraded

I love hardboiled eggs. I love deviled eggs even more. With deviled eggs, they're a little labor intensive for a crowd, so they always end up tasting better when someone else makes them (because after peeling and de-yolking 2 dozen eggs, you're over it). Hardboiled eggs on the other hand are easy and I love them. I typically add Maldon (flaked salt) and pepper on the top before eating. Which got me to there a way to do a deviled egg/hard boiled egg hybrid? Like the ease of hard boiled eggs but the taste boost and non-dryness of deviled eggs? Yes: meet the soft boiled seasoned egg.

Seasoning Dipped Soft Boiled Eggs

So really the question then becomes: what does one top the eggs with? Because as much as I do love mayo, salt and pepper, I think we can do better. I'll bet you anything, you probably have some really solid spices hanging out in your pantry. If you pair them with some fresh herbs and things from your fridge you don't even need to go to the grocery.

These make a fantastic snack. They're filling with a balance of protein and a bit of fat. And with the help of said spices and herbs, you can really tailor a boring old hardboiled egg to the flavor profile you love. I'm also thinking this is a solid addition to a cheese board/snack platter. Let's make eggs on snack platters a thing. 

Seasoning Dipped Soft Boiled Eggs
soft boiled egg topping seasonings

Seasoning Dipped Soft Boiled Eggs

/// Ingredients ///

  • 6 eggs
  • suggested seasoning combinations (below)
    • Fresh cilantro + Old Bay
    • Whole grain dijon mustard + fresh thyme
    • Maldon or grey salt + whole grain dijon mustard
    • Black sesame seeds + chives + salt
    • Fresh parsley + cherry tomato + Old Bay
    • Curry powder + salt
    • Garlic salt + fresh thyme
    • Furikake (not pictured because we ran out but it would be amazing)

/// Directions ///

Bring a pot of water to a boil. Add eggs. Turn off heat and set timer for 8 minutes. Once the timer goes off, remove eggs from hot water and place in ice bath for several minutes. Peel eggs and prepare seasonings for sprinkling/dipping. Cut eggs in half and sprinkle, or roll eggs whole in seasoning mixes. 

seasoning dipped soft boiled eggs
seasoning dipped soft boiled eggs
seasoning dipped soft boiled eggs

These seasoning pairings are only a suggestion. There are a ton of other blends you could do, but as I said at the start of this recipe: work with what you have. Right now Chris and I are coming off of a major client recipe project and we are juuuust about to have the kitchen renovation complete. I'm trying pretty hard to keep our current kitchen (you know, the weird upstairs kitchen) not packed with groceries to make the switch easier. Use what you have or go absolutely crazy and stock your spice cabinet. 

More on the kitchen renovation this week...

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