Carlene Thomas

DC Event: Join Me for the Wellness Project

Carlene Thomas
DC Event: Join Me for the Wellness Project

Join me for a moderated discussion with author Phoebe Lapine of "The Wellness Project" in DC on September 25th.

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What do you think of when you hear the word "wellness"? It opens up a whole can of worms when we think about how people interpret wellness and all in's worth a discussion. This discussion will revolve around why it's important to not give up your 'culinary comforts for a healthy lifestyle' (agree.). That's why on September 25th I'll be in DC moderating a conversation with author Phoebe Lapine who wrote The Wellness Project

Interested? Here's what Pineapple has to say:

"For Phoebe Lapine, healthy hedonism is a thing. Why? Because we all want to feel good in our bodies and minds while still enjoying the sweet parts of life.

Author of the new book, The Wellness Project, Phoebe has lived by this motto ever since her diagnoses with an autoimmune disease in her early twenties. overwhelmed by the countless and often conflicting advice to improve her health, Phoebe decided to take her wellbeing into her own hands and write a guide not only she could follow, but also inspire others to do the same.

Join us for a conversation with Phoebe, moderated by pineapple DC member Carlene Thomas, Virginia-based dietitian nutritionist, recipe developer, and co-owner of Healthfully Ever After (@healthfullyeverafter).

We’ll explore the term “wellness” and how it plays into our lives, deconstructing the notion that we have to sacrifice our culinary comforts for a healthy lifestyle."

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