25 Things to Get Rid of In Your Kitchen

25 Things You Don't Need In Your Kitchen

When it comes to wedding registries and existing kitchens, there's a lot of stuff you don't need. Remember, kitchens, cooking, wellness...they're all industries. And sometimes that means creating really specific products that make it seem like you can't do a specific task without them. But that's not the case. There are some kitchen basics, and not so basics, that can be used for multiple purposes. We'll talk about those later this week, but to get you started on what to ditch...We asked around and thought back to our own first round of kitchen clean up decluttering. 

Note that everyone has different kitchen needs. You might LOVE your strawberry huller with a passion and that is okay. Nothing is a waste if you love it and use it. And if there's a specialty item you can say with certainty you've used recently, keep it! But most people are not making pasta regularly. So look at this list with those thoughts in mind. Love what you love, but know there are lots of kitchen items that may just be taking up space and creating more work for you to maintain. 

You can also go into this with the knowledge that you can always borrow an item from a friend or neighbor. You can have joint custody of an ice cream maker. And interestingly enough, you might find not having an item forces you to be creative and use what you already have and use more frequently. 



25 Things You Don't Need In Your Kitchen

  1. garlic chopper 
  2. kale stripper
  3. strawberry huller
  4. avocado slicer and avocado cuber
  5. mango pitter
  6. a citrus knife
  7. watermelon slicer.... I think you see where we're going here: unitasking produce specific items
  8. a kitchen scale UNLESS; you regularly use recipes with weights or bake frequently
  9. eggrings UNLESS making sunny side up eggs is currently something you do
  10. a shit ton of cookie cutters
  11. a panini press
  12. a toaster and toaster oven - pick one
  13. an ice bucket
  14. martini glasses/specific cocktail glasses you never use 
  15. excess tupperware 
  16. a massive knife set- to be honest... you don't need an entire set and usually sets just aren't the best knives out there- ask for a chef's knife instead
  17. a rice cooker AND slow cooker AND instant pot- pick one or none and get a dutch oven if you don't have one
  18. a juice press
  19. mismatched food storage containers
  20. the packet drawer - stop it
  21. snowcone machine
  22. anything souvenir (like a mug with the state of Ohio on it)
  23. meat tenderizer mallot
  24. popsicle molds
  25. pasta machine

In general we've found countertop appliances and unitasker tools are the biggest culprits of kitchen clutter. If you're tackling this part of the Spring Kitchen Clean Out Challenge today and throughout this week, remember to keep us posted on how it goes by using the hashtag and following along here. 



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