Ultimate Comfort Soup: Mushroom Adaptogens

Ultimate Comfort Soup: Mushroom Adaptogens

ultimate comfort soup with adaptogens

It’s soup season, and what better way to make soup than combine comforting things (this soup has wine in it for goodness sake) with adaptogens. In short, we’re making soup that does work for you.

The mushroom flavor of the soup works perfectly to mask some of the occasionally intense aromas from adaptogens while also being deliciously umami, comforting dish (You can read more about why umami is important in cooking too!). While there are lots of adaptogen blends and brands on the market, make sure you always check the quality and validity of ingredients. Four Sigmatic is one company that is the ultimate go to if you’re digging into the world of mushrooms and that’s what I’m using in this recipe. You can start with their 10 mushroom blend or dig more into each individual mushroom adaptogen elixir to find what you personally need.

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