After a very dragging 'Bueller....Bueller?'-esque  book from my last review, I was beyond relieved to sink my teeth into The Tummy Trilogy (TTT): a compilation of three books, American Fried, Alice Let's Eat, and Third Helpings by Calvin Trillin. The collection of books were written between the 1970's and 1980's by an unpretentious food writer with a good humored yet snarky pen. The Tummy Trilogy will make you grin at the 100% pure (Note: Anyone else seeing this food buzzword on packaging too?) honesty of observations, like the type casting of certain uppity restaraunts which he refers to as 'La Maison de la Casa House'. It's nice to see a food writer who genuinely loves food and understands that white table cloths and hovering waiters do not a delicious dinner make. A book by someone who high tails it down to New Orleans  for a jazz festival,when in fact, for him it's an eating festival with background music. The type of person who knows the proven correlation that the better the BBQ, the more dilapidated the shack it comes from.

There's even an entire chapter on his run in with the American Dietetic Association FNCE meeting, and his surprise upon seeing members hork down croissants while wearing their badges. Topping off at 386 pages, this book is on the lengthy side, but it doesn't read like it. TTT is a definite yes, must read!

The Tummy Triology will be a great read for you if:

  • You like a side of snark with your food.
  • You need a book to travel with that doesn't stick to one plot.
  • You can relate to fantasizing about certain dishes while nearby said restaurant.
With literary satiety,