As someone who has been in a hospital 8 hours a day talking tube feedings and continuous carb diets, it's nice to get back to the fun side of food. The last Saturday of September there's an entire festival dedicated to marshmallow fluff in Massachusetts. The Fluff Festival is a tribute to Archibald Query who invented it in 1917 (Follow this food festival on Twitter).

While I can't say I'm a fluff-a-holic, there were definitely some fluffer-nutter sandwiches in my childhood. Yes, it's processed and filled with sugar, but when it comes down to it, what you eat is all about balance and enjoyment.

Being in a clinical setting these past few weeks has made me appreciate that I CAN eat, and what I pick isn't from a small unchanged menu with restrictions. So while this post is to tell you about a crazy "food" celebration, it's really a reminder to be thankful for your health. Be thankful you can eat in a natural way. Be thankful you can digest without assistance. And mostly, be thankful you can enjoy and savor what you decide to indulge in today.

On behalf of the patients I've been seeing, I'm encouraging you to really think about what you eat. Eat to prevent illness 80% of the time and eat to enjoy life the other 20%. Stop consuming the high sodium, high fat things from a drive through because you're short on time. It's won't save you time later when you have to deal with the health repercussions. Stop beating yourself up because you had ice cream on a beautiful summer afternoon. One ice cream won't break you.

Enjoy your food and savor your health!