I'm always tickled to find a use for something that would otherwise be considered waste. Broccoli slaw to use the stem? Love it. Coffee grounds to add to the compost pile? I'm all over it.

After a great deal on strawberries at the grocery we had more berries than we could handle. Knowing how quickly berries can expire, we sliced off the tops to freeze them for easy smoothies. Ten minutes later the cutting board was littered with strawberry tops.

Cue fiance ingeniousness: "Can we make strawberry syrup with these?"

Strawberry tops with the bit of red you remove to get rid of the stem still taste like strawberries. So why let it go to waste?

Strawberry Syrup

Add 1 part sugar and 1 part water to a saucepan. Add strawberry tops and mash with a spoon.


Allow mixture to simmer. As the mixture comes together the liquid will turn pink.

image Remove the solids using a 'spider' or strainer. Now wait for the syrup to reduce while avoiding dogs who may be inconveniently splayed across the kitchen floor.


image The syrup had a great flavor and a beautiful hue without red 40 dye. We are planning to use this syrup on waffles and mixed in with vodka seltzers (Thank you my dear Aunties for our SodaStream from the bridal shower)! And to think, I've been tossing strawberry tops in the compost pile this whole time...