"Sex is good, but not as good as fresh sweet corn." - Garrison Keillor 

My love for fresh corn is reborn. Usually when summer Virginia corn is an option at dinner I pull out my sacrificial chef knife and cut it off the cob. Most of the time I just flat out pass on the corn.

But things happen when there are three curious cooks in the kitchen and a surplus of corn. In season corn is inexpensive (buy it now and freeze it for fall!) and has a particular sweetness you can't find in November. If you think corn is boring, wake up your taste buds with these on-the-cob renditions!  The goal is to enhance the corn, not mask it. That means no peanutbutter, BBQ sauce, or chocolate. Please.

Preparation is simple and short: Grill or microwave corn then roll in butter. Add toppings directly on top slowly using your fingers. You can always add seasoning but you can't remove it!

10 Best Corn on the Cob toppings:

  1. Fresh Lime **My favorite!
  2. Lime & 'Season-all'
  3. Curry powder: Balti and tandori are good
  4. Mesquite seasoning
  5. Herb butter (cilantro, basil, or dill)
  6. Cajun salt
  7. Old Bay
  8. Garlic salt
  9. Mrs. Dash
  10. Dessert: cinnamon and sugar
Nutrition Love for Corn:
Good source of thiamin (healthy muscles and nerves), folate (new and healthy cells), fiber (feel full longer), and vitamin C (fight free radicals)!
Take the stress off of yourself and throw an end of summer party with  a corn on the cob topping bar!