I've had my issues with the word relish in the past. Certain other word associations come to mind. Chunky. Green. Pungent. Hotdog. Mainly hotdog. Forgive me relish for I have doubted you. Over the past few months I've come to realize relish is more of a broad descriptor and have even yielded to a cran-orange relish on hot cereal. Per Google, a relish is a 'pickled, chopped, or cooked fruit or vegetable'. Cucumber relish is a nod to that previously described green stuff, but it's crisp, clear, and very light. Thyme is what seals the deal for me in this recipe my Dad whipped up (Stu doesn't measure, so I had to ask a lot of questions to score a recipe for this post!). Each time the relish is mixed, spooned out onto a dish, or even just passed by you around the table, you get the rush of thyme. This cucumber mix is a great condiment that's also a serving of vegetables!

Cucumber Thyme Relish
Slice 1 cucumber into rounds. Make the width to your preference, but have them thick enough to 'crunch'.
Add cucumber to a large bowl and pour in cider vinegar. Start with 1/2 C and add sugar, ground pepper, and salt.
Pull thyme leaves from stem and add to cucumber mixture. Taste and adjust cider vinegar as needed.
Serving suggestions
Cucumber thyme relish is delicious in pitas and wraps to balance out heavier flavors. We had ours with a light batter fried eggplant wrap on the first night. The second evening we paired the relish with...stromboli. Seriously! It worked to counteract a spicy red sauce and cheese to perfection. Toss it over greens for a different kind of dressing. This condiment is just right for a variety of dishes and party themes.
What are you going to pair it with for your family or guests?

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