Foodie Nails 2

There's something I've noticed about the nutrition world. Most of us are obsessed with nail polish. Example: For our dietetic internship gift exchange at least 75% of gifts contained nail polish. And while anything but nude nail polish was a definite no-no in my hospital, my weekends went something like this:

  • Friday night: paint nails
  • Sunday night: take nail polish off
  • Monday: mourn loss of nail polish, plot next weekend's color.

Since I think about nutrition for most of the day, of course I've had a lingering question about nail polish. What food named nail polish colors are out there? While there has yet to be an entire food based collection of names, this LA times article can help you understand how nail polish gets crazy names.

So if you need a gift for a foodie friend or you need your nutrition nails done to complete the RD image, here are my favorite food named nail polishes. (Reading this on a phone? Click the title link to view the full images in their total glory.)

Foodie Nails 2

Nail 3

Foodie Polish 1

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