MintFruit Salad

Do you feel like whenever you're in a small space, you're seated either directly infront of, or next to, the person hacking up a lung? If they sold full body/hair sanitizer I would definitely be carrying that around in my purse. Blegh! As a salad lover during all seasons, I figured I should be taking extra advantage of a nutrition boost to fight colds this winter. One of my favorite dietitians just shot a news segment  on a few of the foods and nutrients that keep colds at bay. I've taken the tips on water and vitamin C to heart and added mint for the powerful menthol that helps clear sinuses when wafted.

MintFruit SaladSince we just picked up some lovely starfruit from the international market, and pomegranates abound in winter supermarkets I am loving the easy combination of these two fruits in a bright salad. One cup of cut starfruit packs a wallop of vitamin C with 75% of your daily value! And because it's mostly water, you'll score some extra hydration. Pomegranate kernels (1/2 C) sneak in nearly 20% of your daily value of vitamin K and 15% of your vitamin C. A tart granny smith apple also lends a hand in the vitamin C  and water department while giving some crunch to your salad.

Let's turn to mint. Herbs are not to be forgotten since many have medicinal and nutritional properties! The menthol oil within mint is excellent for clearing your sinuses if inhaled. While you're chopping to toss mint in the salad, rub a leaf between your fingers and take a deep breath.


Salads are an easy way to mix and match your nutrients and feel full. Fruits and veggies are fiber packed and will kick a juicer's behind any day of the week. I swear to you, you'll never ever see me go on a juice cleanse diet.

Dress your salad with a lemon vinaigrette and enjoy. But first, wash your hands. And bleach your counter. Possibly burn the sweater you were wearing when that person coughed on you.

Stay well,

-Carlene Future RD

Dietitian Nutritionist. My husband Chris and I create food and beverage photos, videos, stopmotions and recipes. And they're really cool.