When was the last time you really tasted your tuna fish? When you're buying your usual brand at the store, is it out of habit? What does it even taste like?! Until I tried Wild Planet Food's tuna fish I don't think I've tasted tuna before. I'm converted.

Wild Planet Foods (WPF) sells healthier and more sustainable tuna.

  • Their fishermen catch the fish one by one via line to make sure other marine life is saved.
  • WPF then hand cuts and packs sashimi grade tuna steaks in sea salt and natural juices. It's not packed in water OR oil!
  • Their albacore tuna has six times the amount of omega three fatty acids as other types of tuna because of the way it is minimally processed.
  • While we hear that tuna contains mercury, WPF tuna contains less than half the mercury content of other brands of tuna.

 Wild Planet Foods is something I'm sold on! Sometimes we settle for 'meh' foods, but this tuna is meatier than others and actually has flavor. No more setling, you have to try this.

Thanks to the WPF captain and crew for sending me coupons to test!


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