Four reasons to celebrate today: 1. Happy National Nutrition Month! 2. Today is the start of my spring break. 3. This is the LAST rotation of my internship. 4. This month is the one year anniversary of the blog starting!

To celebrate National Nutrition Month (NNM), I'm posting a NNM background for March. I fully own up to the extreme dorkiness that accompanies the above statement, but am refusing to apologize ...until maybe April when the NNM high wears off. Download the 18 inch screen, 15, or 13 inch screen here.

You've followed me on this RD nutrition journey for a YEAR this month. This blog started last March before I found out if I was placed for a dietetic internship. As any dietitian will tell you, at that point I was an internal wreck. If I wasn't placed, it would be at least another full year of waiting to become a dietetic intern. It's enough to make a girl cry/seek fried goat cheese salad and distilled beverages. But we both know it was a happy ending, and now I'm enjoying a week of food photography, recipe developing, and soaking up the vitamin D of during this spring break pre-final rotation.

My final rotation before officially becoming Registered Dietitian Eligible (RDE) is food service. Before you think it's all hairnets and lunch ladies I'm decidedly calling this rotation my 'culinary road trip endeavor'. I'll be working with a business savvy Chartwell dietitian at three accounts across the state (Hours of driving...this is Virginia people. Big state). Two locations are private colleges and the last one is a girls boarding school. These schools are extremely progressive in their use of local foods and a nutrition promotion system that does NOT focus on calories. I can't wait to talk quinoa with students.

Needless to say I will be listening to RD exam study materials as I haul myself up and down Virginia these next few weeks. Jean Inman, RD examinesstress extraordinaire, will be riding shotgun and hopefully you'll be along for the ride. I have room in the trunk if needed.

Tell me how you're celebrating NNM...and your favorite audio book! -Carlene

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