Fig Preserve Cooking Lesson

I'm always looking for new ways to use the fresh figs. A reader recently emailed me this recipe post for  southern fig preserves. I've abbreviated the directions and posted them for your enjoyment. Thanks Dee! 



  • 6 quarts figs
  • sugar (enough to cover the fruit)

"The whole fruits, washed and bad spots removed, as is the first step in any canning procedure are placed in an 8 quart deep pot about 2/3 full or about 6 quarts of fruit. Fill with sugar to almost covered but still showing the very tops of the upper fruit.

Cook on low until the sugar has turned to syrup. Look at the flame on a gas stove and set that to no higher than 1/2 inch. For an electric stove, use the lowest possible setting, which may say “warm” on the dial. It’s easier to raise the heat in this case than to overheat and try to correct.

Don’t let the sugar boil as it will quickly foam and boil over. Overheating the sugar will cause crystals to form along the bottom and sides of the pot and turn the syrup to candy. If noticing any bubbling, lower the heat quickly and you may need to remove the pot from the heat for a few minutes.....

Because of the low heat required and the size of the pot, it may take from 1 1/2 to 2 hours to completely  turn the sugar to syrup. the syrup should appear clear throughout. Now place the fruit and syrup in canning jars, and follow directions for hot water bath canning. "

Have you canned figs before?

-Carlene RD

Dietitian Nutritionist. My husband Chris and I create food and beverage photos, videos, stopmotions and recipes. And they're really cool.