It's finally apple season and it's a HUGE crop this year in the yard. Needless to say we've become rather well versed in apple recipes. While pies and German apple kuchen are favorites, it was a challenge to ponder freezable healthy apple recipes. Apple sauce made at home is a major win. You control the added sugar and can use it all year long as a fat replacement in recipes. I'm sharing the general home made applesauce recipe for pink applesauce with gala apples. This is a non-measured recipe because not everyone will want to make pounds and pounds of apple sauce. It's a very manageable recipe. No peeling involved!

Pink Low Sugar Applesauce


  • Gala Apples (As many or few as desired!)
  • Sugar (Less than 1/4 C for a large stock pot)
  • Cinnamon (to taste)
  • Salt (1 pinch per large stock pot)

Directions: Wash all apples and quarter without peeling. Remove seeds from the quartered apples and place in a large stock pot. Fill the pot roughly 1/2 full with water after the apples are added. Cover the pot with a lid and cook on medium-high until apples are very soft. You will be able to mash with a wooden spoon. Remove apples from the stove and mill (see photo below).

 Once the apples have been milled, add cinnamon, sugar, and salt to taste. I LOVE the natural tartness of apples and as the season progresses, many apples you find from orchards seem to be sweeter. Store in clean, food safe jars or tupperware and freeze.

 Our favorite way to eat it right now is plain or with Greek yogurt! I see major potential for fall smoothies and healthier baked goods.

What are you doing with your apples this fall?

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