I'm particular about beauty products. Companies that have sustainable practices, limited chemicals and products actually work ("It's like-yo! Whatever happened to truth in advertising?" -Breaking Bad)  are my must haves. This week's Friday Favorites are my basic beauty products that make the cut. 1. Olay Pro X Cleansing Brush:  The much touted Clarisonic brush costs over 2x as much as the Olay version. And the Olay version is awesome. I absolutely noticed a difference in my skin after using it as an exfoliator. I use this at night before bed to help remove sunscreen and make up. For lather, I pair it with castile soap. 2. Tom's Of Maine Simply White Toothpaste:  I used to purchase mainstream toothpaste until I got really tired of the extra chemicals and dyes companies add. So we switched to Tom's and we are never going back. Tom's has great flavors and excellent sustainability practices with ingredients I trust.

3. Norwex Body Cloth:  This is my favorite recent find and my morning face wash. You don't need soap, just water. The Norwex cloth removes everything, including tough eye make up.

4. Crest 3D Whitening Rinse: Crest whitening rinse is my one not-so-natural product, but it really works, which is why I always come back to it. As an avid coffee drinker, it keeps my teeth white without strips.

5: Castile Soap:  Like I mentioned with the toothpaste, we were getting quite tired of gross chemical additives in our products. While I don't use this brand of castile soap, we purchase it locally in various scents (Anise!). It can be turned into body wash by grating it and adding glycerol and water.

What makes the cut for you?

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