It's officially wedding season (and soon bikini season!) as evidenced by the disappearance of all of my wedding industry friends, my blown up schedule and the trail of wedding party members shooting photos in my neighborhood. So are you confident? Are you in love with your body (Seriously, give it're breathing aren't you?) or do you beat up on it for not being 'enough'. Thin enough. Tall enough. Love what you have! Today I'm sharing my routine to get bride or bikini ready but also confident and happy! 

You'll get the scoop on my personal diet (healthy eating, not a diet!), fitness and cool tools like the spa based Bliss Lean Machine that actually work. It's like a way nosier 'what's in my bag post' but more useful! 

Here's my Ultimate Guide To Bikini & Bridal Season:

The Food 

  • Healthy Food: It's why I blog! I hate that there is so much 'pretty' food photography that's all junk. So 99% of my recipes are healthy, easy and pretty. Want a specific bride to be menu? Get the exclusive full day bride to be menu I made for Style Me Pretty.
  • Smoothies: Sure, people love to juice, but I like fiber to stay full in my produce drinks! Specifically, I love food with benefits which is why I have a specific  beauty booster smoothies series.
  • Smart Snacks: When I wait too long to eat, I get hangry. I get mean and I make bad decisions. Having smart snacks ready to go and stocked in your purse or house means you can stay healthy without compromising. Some of my favorites are dried fruit with a small portion of nuts, a piece of fruit with nut butter or a slice of cheese (love cheese), roasted chickpeas or even a small portion of avocado on whole wheat toast.
  • A Salad A Day: I 100% feel better when I know either lunch or dinner revolves around a mess of greens. It can be kale, mixed greens, spinach, whatever! I'd say eating a lot of greens is my number one beauty secret. 
  • Spa Water: Get my favorite recipes here

The Fitness

  • Walking: I want to be really honest as a healthy living blogger and dietitian. I hate running. I always have. I want to like it but I hate it with a passion. So instead, I own it and I openly admit I'm a walker and hiker instead. Going for a walk or hike also helps me think...while toning my legs. Double bonus.
  • Arm Weights: There's a reason women do the skinny arm pose. Arm down= flabbier appearance than in real life. I keep weights by my desk and do a set whenever I can throughout the day. My ultimate goal would be like a toned down Kelly Rippa. Here's her arm workout! 

The Beauty Products and Tools 

  • Whitening Rinse: Having a bright smile actually makes me smile more. I always, always use Crest 3D whitening rinse. It definitely helps coffee lovers.
  • Olay Pro X Exfoliating Tool: It's like the Clarisonic brush, but way less expensive! I've been using mine for about 3 years and love it.  The bristles exfoliate skin for brighter skin and more cell turnover meaning an even finish and glowing skin. I use it a few times a week.
  • Moisturizing Oil: Oil on skin? Yep! I love it more than a typical lotion. My ultimate favorite is Kiehl's Midnight Repair Serum, but the next more wallet friendly version I have on my list to try is Neutrogena's body oil. 
  • A Manicure and Pedicure: When my nails are chipped, I feel like a mess! I rarely get a manicure. I usually do my own at home just because between cooking and projects, I will straight ruin my nails. Pedicure wise, I have my one favorite place I go down the street, but I try to do upkeep at home. My ultimate polish is Essie because of how well it glides on, but if you're looking for more natural polishes try Scotch or Mineral Fusion. 
  • Bliss Fatgirlslim Lean Machine: Helps firm and reduce appearance of cellulite. It's a vacuum assisted massage that is clinically proven to reduce cellulite visually and by touch.  I'm always skeptical about tools like this, but this one is not only a 2013 Star Beauty Award Winner, but it's clinically tested. I tried it today and am OBSESSED. I can't believe I would ever say that but honest to goodness, about 7 minutes on each thigh and they look way smoother, even and more firm. Think of it as a final step smoother not a replacement for exercise or healthy eating. 

The Happiness Factor

  • Reading Outside
  • Todoist App and Wunderlist to stay organized
  • Plants
  • Snuggling with the felines

What's your routine for a more confident, bikini season you? 

/// Disclosure: Thanks to Bliss for sponsoring today's post! ///

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