February Favorites: Skin Care, Sriracha and "Not Giving a ****"

Hi! So this has turned into a weirdly travel dense first quarter for me. I just got back from Chicago where I was attending a president-elect training for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. There were 50 out of 53 affiliates (50 states plus DC, Puerto Rico and Dietitians Overseas) which is pretty amazing. And yes, it was pretty much like Miss America. You only call each other by state names because you no longer have the memory capacity to identify human names. After 10 hours of legal discussions and strategic planning information the best you can do is "Minnesota" instead of remembering actually what Minnesota's name is. Spoiler alert: I can't remember anyone's name except my own at this point. 

I did get a 4 hour free window immediately after landing where I took an Uber into the downtown part of Chicago and I'm glad I did! I always make a really big effort to cram as much in as possible when I travel for work. Because if I don't, the only thing I see is the airport the hotel and wherever I'm going for the event/conference/meeting. You can see what I was up to in Chicago proper on my Instagram. Big hint: I ate a lot and bought shoes. So.... it was pretty successful (and also cold. Hard pass on moving that far north.). I also avoided going way up in that glass box in a massively tall building like everyone kept recommending to me. Don't you guys realize I'm from the DC metro area? We top out at like 30 floors. My legs get tingly if I go above that. We don't do sky scrapers here so NO, I don't want to go up in your tiny fishbowl in the sky. EVER. 

But now I'm back and it's time to catch up on the blog and YouTube. 

My February favorites are heavy on the skin care. This year I'm making more of an effort to try to invest more in products like that...because once you really get closer to 30's than 20's, you realize what you put on your body actually makes a difference. I know what I put IN my body counts but I've gotta' be honest. I was literally using Suave shampoo/conditioner/lotion for a solid 5 years and was totally fine. But that doesn't fly any more. Adulting is hard. 

  • ROC retinol night time for sensitive skin: I saw a big difference in my skin texture in two nights. And as someone with sensitive skin, yes, it really is for sensitive skin! No problems after 1 month of using. 
  • Miracle Cream: thick and amazing. The perfect moisturizer for dry air. Side note- also an amazing hand cream. No scent. More natural product
  • Garnier Micellar Cleanser: if you have ever had a night or morning were you don't feel like washing your face: also great for eye make up wearers.  
  • The Killing: A murder show on Netflix based on a Scandinavian tv show. RIDICULOUS plot twists you will never ever see coming. 
  • Cat Tab Stickers: Oh hi! Do you love cats? Do you love to be organized? Here you go. 
  • Fix Sriracha: Robust and multi levels of flavor. Give it a try. 
  • Noomi Mattress: If angels could make a mattress, it would be this mattress. You can get $75 off your new mattress with code HEALTH75. 
  • The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F***: If you tend to overcommit yourself and want to just do 'you' instead of worrying about what everyone else things of what you're doing.  

Dietitian Nutritionist. My husband Chris and I create food and beverage photos, videos, stopmotions and recipes. And they're really cool.