Marpil favorites. It's what happens when two months love each other very much and blend into one month. Or, best laid plans were a big 'ol nope. This favorites video has the Carlene special: categories with food, books/video and an obscure item. Like last month it was small sticky notes shaped like cats. You just never know.


March and April Favorites

  • Book: The Tastemakers, by David SaxA good read for piece by piece time blocks. You can read about why certain apples became popular or why cupcakes happened and then cronuts. If you like trend-casting and food, this book is your's. 
  • Tory Burch Espadrilles: OH MY GOD. These shoes are everything. They are insanely comfortable and classic. My one word of warning is Scotchguard them and don't wear them when it's wet outside. 
  • Tomato paste in a tube: I know. I'm exciting. But if you make a lot of sauces, you need tomato paste on hand...just usually not the entire can that you purchase. While you can freeze dollops of the stuff from the can, it just never happens for me. Buying it in a tube has been crazy convenient with less waste.
  • Wegman's Mini Chocolates- Caramel Sea Salt: If you have a Wegman's grocery near you, go to the bulk candy section and buy these. They are SO good if you like salty and sweet together. Also highly recommended for winery weekends. 
  • Spotify I'm super behind when it comes to streaming music. Back when Pandora came to be....that's all I used until about a week ago. WHICH IS STUIPD (note and update: I spelled stupid incorrectly. In caps. I feel like I just can't change it because it's so ironic). That's where Spotify comes in. Spotify is great because it lets you search several ways. My favorite? Decade. DECADE. Which is why I loved Sirius XM in my Jeep: instant 90's/early 2000's. But now, I can get that anywhere for free. The comedy section can be good too. Or really racist. It just depends.
  • The critic and the pig :  My new show/video obsession. It's two New Zealand dudes who eat food and the dynamic is fantastic. One is a food critic, one is the 'pig' which seems harsh if you're super picky, but he will eat anything. The high brow low brow is spot on. And it also gives you a nice look at NZ restaurants. 

Dietitian Nutritionist. My husband Chris and I create food and beverage photos, videos, stopmotions and recipes. And they're really cool.