Don't judge me. I know it's half way through February. But sharing things I love is a favorite thing of mine. Favorites lists are a favorite? This is getting very Inception... See my latest  YouTube video and make sure to subscribe to get it delivered to you the moment it's uploaded or watch below! 

January Favorites:

Fashion and Beauty:

  • Shoes: Reebok Classics. They're under $60 and literally are classics. 
  • Nail color: Speed of Light color from Covergirl. For those of you who also suffer from corpse hand color. 
  • Bag: Everlane tote. ESSENTIAL for travel with a zip top. They're out of my color but several others here. Get it for under $50.

Obscure Lonesome Item Category:

  • Candle: Kobo wild tomato vine candle from their seed collection. If you love the smell of summer and a garden. Or you really like to eat tomato sandwiches like me. See the other seed scents and see if there's one you love! 

Book and Video Obsessions:

  • Making a Murderer: When you need to binge watch and feel incredibly upset about Wisconsin. 
  • Crazy Ex-girlfriend: When you don't hate when people burst into song as a parody. 
  • Bob's Burgers: When you want to be a snarky b*tch and hear people say what you're thinking. 
  • Shonda Rhimes "A Year of Yes" : When you need to feel inspired and stop being scared.
  • A Year of Living Danishly : When you want to analyze an entire society of humans and figure out how you can be so damn happy when it's so dark and cold all the time. 

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