It's time to kick off the master bedroom re-do reveal! The last room in MaoHaus we showed you was the home office . We've been chipping away at smaller projects since then (structural projects, tree removal, a hallway wall feature, storage solutions etc) but it was time to do an entire room. Over the next week I'll be showing you important parts of the room and the full reveal. But today, we're talking about things to hang on the wall. And in this bedroom we are hanging two things up. Literally just two things (okay and a wall of curtains). We wanted the room to be very minimalist but intentional with attention to color and textures.

Minimalist Master Bedroom Redo: The Only 2 Things I'm Hanging On The Wall

The first thing is a single piece of framed art. Our feature metal in this room, like most of our rooms, is brass. For colors this piece called "Ivy" in emerald green by artist Patricia Vargas with a matte brass frame. It's one of 350 and no, this is not from our treasure hunts...if I didn't scoop up the last of the 350, you can get it too on Minted. YAH. Minted. They do more than invitations. The work with tons of unique artists to get you original art. If you don't have the time for hunting like I love to do, or you want to be able to shop in a way more organized way for original art...check it out. Game changer.  This one really appealed to both of us because it's abstract, almost floral...but at the same time it's way out of our comfort zone. We really gravitated towards the black and white pieces but we thought...what the hell, why not? And we love it. Big thanks to Minted for this!

minimalist master bedroom colors and textures

The second thing going up on the wall is a family piece. It's a series of three woven bowls from my Grandparents. Just something they had picked up over the years living overseas, but upon closer inspection, I really think these are bread proofing baskets. Possibly. Which makes me love them more because... damn, I love bread. But if not, and they're just regular bowl/baskets I'm cool with that too. We decided to put these guys up because they add great texture in a neutral color. 

So that's the first look at some colors and textures! I'll cover before and afters, the process of painting a wood floor and other fun things over the next few days! I am THRILLED to get this room done. Well...'done'. Because any person who has a house knows, it's never really done. Especially not an old home. 

minimalist master bedroom redo, black and white and emerald

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