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I hope you all are having a great summer so far! I feel like I haven't lived up to my summer potential of eating outside enough or going on random excursions to explore just yet. And it's time to turn that around because I just looked at my calendar and I have to go film my July favorites soon. 

Right now the husband is completing a really cool mini project in MaoHaus: a detailed hallway wall element. Basically, we decided that the second level hallway needed a little something extra so he built out a grid-work of wood that matches the wall color and it looks amazing. If you are handy and precise, this is actually a do-able DIY. When a few other details surrounding the wall are complete, we'll show you the 'after'. We're also still at work on the master bedroom more or less. If you've ever worked on house renovations that dislocate your sleep area, you know it's really tempting to just not do. I have few renovation requests but my main one is "I need a clear bed at all times". Sleep is so important to me and it's kind of winning out over the gung-ho attitude of ' LET'S RIP OUT THAT WALL SHELF!'. Home renovations make you do crazy things.

In other news, I realized I hadn't shared with you on the blog specifically the great news that I was named Washingtonian Magazine's best healthy eating Instagram account to follow in their "Best of Washington" issue. You can read that page online now!



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