How are you doing? Good? Let's help you change that to GREAT with this sandwich recipe. This grown up grilled cheese is mindblowingly great. It's the right mix of toasted and creamy, spicy and sweet. There's honestly nothing healthy about this's more for your soul and emotional health and to me, that's just as important. 

Summer Sandwich: Peach and Pepper Jelly Grilled Brie 

If you think about it, this sandwich is really just a summer cheese platter between two slices of bread. You've got the fruit (peaches), the jam/spicy element (hot pepper jelly) and cheese (brie). Oh and in total honestly, we accidentally bought garlic Italian bread instead of regular Italian bread so there's some funk in there too. I actually really liked this with garlic but for a more toned down sandwich, pretend I bought the right thing. 

Let me briefly go back to the hot pepper jelly before I move on to the details. If you're not familiar with hot pepper jelly, you're going to think this is really, really weird. It's basically the texture of jelly with hot peppers but it's sweet at the same time. It's delicious with any creamy cheese, nuts but also cornbread. Also as part of a barbecue sauce. Or a dressing. Just go buy it. You'll love it. 

Summer Sandwich: Peach and Pepper Jelly Grilled Brie

Peach and Pepper Jelly Grilled Brie Sandwich

/// Ingredients ///

  • butter
  • Italian bread
  • brie
  • peaches
  • hot pepper jelly

/// Directions /// Slice brie and peaches. Add butter to a hot skillet (Obviously cast iron. Obviously.). Between two slices of bread add brie, peaches and spread hot pepper jelly on the interior slices of bread. Sandwich and place on medium high heat on the skillet. To melt the brie, place a pot lid over the sandwich. When the bread is toasted and golden on one side, flip and cover again. Cut in half and get lots of napkins cause you're going to need them. 

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