Gosh I love curating these monthly favorites for you guys! But you know what the problem this month was? It was kind of slim pickings! I was in full chill mode at home therefore I was basically a patio hermit. That being said, I'm really excited for September and beyond to see new products launch and find amazing things at the trade shows I'm attending! 

Watch my August Favorites

  • Book: Crazy Rich Asians: If you are looking for a light read: THIS BOOK. I hesitate to put this as a favorite but I can't lie: I enjoyed it. It was so over the top. It's all about society and Asian billionaires. 
  • Netflix Show: Peaky Blinders: So we crushed Dexter (and hated the way that show ended SO MUCH) and then we needed something else to fill our evenings pre-football. And that something was Netflix's Peaky Blinders. This is a 5 star rated show and it came highly suggested on my feed because it involves murder. Which, besides food, is my main interest in tv shows. Invest the time and watch this show. Keep going until you're past episode 3 and you'll be hooked. It's SO GOOD. Season 3 starts in early 2016. 
  • Body Om's Dried Mangoes: They don't specifically have to be from Body Om, but that's where these heavenly dried mangoes came from! I don't really love raw mangoes but the dried version is the perfect level of sweet and the perfect snack when you're craving something dessert-like. 
  • Dropbox: One of the most important tools in my day to day life. I'm not even exaggerating. Dropbox is amazing for making sure your storage on your phone and computer stay open, backing up files and easily transferring and accessing large files without putting them on your computer. If you use a lot of photos and large files, buy Dropbox pro or whatever it is IMMEDIATELY. You won't regret it. 
  • Doodle: I was a silly goose in the video and totally forgot to mention Doodle after saying I would. That's what happens when you have to re-film! Doodle is what I use for scheduling meetings or lunches with more than 2 people. It allows people to mark what days and times they're free and the program tells you the most agreed upon day and time. It cuts down on emails so I'm 100% in. 
  • Build.com: If you're redoing multiple things at once in your house, this is where you need to go. The husband went here to get all new door handles for the house. They're brass. They're beautiful. They were shipped for free, fast and were less expensive than a traditional Home Depot/Lowes etc. 

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