My July favorites are up on my YouTube channel but for those of you who aren't into video, I wanted to give you the scoop on the favorites in text. 


  • Molly Yeh's Saveur Cookie Salad Article: I think once you've read food literature and content for a long time, it's easy to get caught up in how....pretentious everything can be. I'm always in awe of experts for certain products and the importance of origin and vintages etc. That being said, sometimes that catches up to you and you come across a local dish that you just think is trashy as hell. Like midwestern Jello or Cookie Salads. Which is EXACTLY what happened to food blogger Molly Yeh when she moved and the piece she wrote for Saveur on the topic is amazing. Here's her cookie salad recipe but go find the article in the magazine! 
  • Amish Soft Pretzel Mix: This is not the first, nor will it be the last time I'm writing about this on the blog. In fact, the first mention happened in 2012.   You can buy it here online. 
  • Sugar Baby Watermelons: A specific breed of watermelon that's seedless and super sweet, you have to get your mitts on a sugar baby this year! They're usually more expensive than typical watermelons, but you need to try it at least once! 
  • Chicago Style Popcorn from Cretor's: I CAN'T STOP. Lock me up. This snack is the perfect blend of salt, sweet and crunchy. There are so many popcorn snacks I hate because the kernels are un-popped. And I actually broke part of a tooth last summer and had to get a crown because of it. BUT, this popcorn is always glorious. Chicago style popcorn is a mix of cheddar popcorn and caramel corn.  Buy it here online. 
  • Kura: Protein powder and probiotics AND omega 3's in one. Buy it here and save 10% with the code KURACARL until the end of August. AND remember you can enter my giveaway with them until the 8th!  
  • HÄLSA: Please eat her if you are ever in DC. PLEASE. Scandinavian awesome healthy food. 


  • Benjamin Moore paint in ONYX: We did another round of painting and all the second floor doors are sanded (bye bye 100 years of paint layers) and painted in this glorious color. We also did a gloss version for our front door! 


  • Chromeo: It's hard for me to explain music but to me, Chromeo is 20% Daft Punk meets white Earth Wind and Fire with a pinch of Michael Jackson beats. The lead guy has a PhD in French Literature and can dance like a god. 
  • Bloodline (Netflix Original), Luther (BBC) and Dexter: Maybe I should have just put "Netflix". These are three different shows, all of which are on Netflix and they were fantastic. We all know summer network tv sucks big time and ever since we cut cables, we've been in a relationship with Netflix. The best part is it makes it really easy to let the binge watcher inside of you take over. If you like murder mysteries with wit and cunning YOU'RE WELCOME. It took us forever to find good shows and now we are finally catching up on a solid 7 years of shows we've never seen. 

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