Meet my secret success store for finding quality, design conscious, minimalist leaning shopping: Moorea Seal. Not only is it owned by a woman, but they give back SO MUCH to non-profits. In fact, you can actually shop by cause! But more than that, they always have a classic closet staple for me. Moorea Seal is where I got my sunglasses with gold arms  (under $35) that people always ask me about and my black hat ($38) that literally people stop me on the street in DC to comment on. And we can be big fat jerks in DC! So I did a big of online browsing to see what's new and pulled my top ten picks so you can get just a glimpse of what they have to offer, not to mention they're having an anniversary sale (15% off sale items with code OMGSALE). 

10 minimalist gifts from moorea seal

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