Today I wanted to share two of my current must-haves in the food and fall fashion world: my ultimate favorite magazine and a pair of fall booties that I searched forever for! So if you're looking for a go-to read or booties that aren't rugged hipster-like, keep scrolling!

cherry bombe magazine

Cherry Bombe Magazine

You guys, I can't get over how much love I have for Cherry Bombe magazine. It was started by two women who worked in the magazine industry who were seeking a food and women read...but there wasn't one. So they made the most glorious one ever. It's printed on glorious paper. The photography is different and amazing. There are no advertisements. The content...THE CONTENT!!! They show amazing women in the food world, which you know is important to me since I make the effort to share the stories in that same world with this blog post series.  They're witty. They have articles about cats. Yep. It's my dream magazine. You may be shocked when you see the price tag but I guarantee you, it's worth it for the twice yearly delivery.  They've also held two conferences called Jubilee that celebrate women in food. This past year I realized I wanted to go just too late in the game and jumped on the wait list. I had my ticket to NYC all ready to go and my fingers crossed, but no Jubilee ticket this year. You had better believe I'm stalking the tickets the second they go on sale in 2016. 

suede booties, gold bracelet arm stack, rebecca minkoff mini perry satchel

Fall Suede Black Booties

I'm incredibly intentional with my shopping... Especially shoes and handbags. I would rather really, really invest in these staples than have to throw out shoes after one season because I regret the style or they fall apart. After having to chuck one too many pairs of Target flats, I realized I hate that feeling of throw-aways. Which is exactly why this Rebecca Minkoff mini-perry satchel purse above has been with me NON-STOP since I bought it in March this year. Think about that cost per wear wise. Such a smart choice! So let's talk about the shoes. My fall and winter shoes are basically just below the knee equestrian boots 24/7. I bought them just before Christmas last year and they are so stylish and sturdy. Since winter I've been pondering booties with higher heels. I'm just over 5'4" so I could use a boost. And let's face it, everyone loves a shoe that elongates the leg. While many people are really into the chunkier kind of hipster booties, that's just not me. I wanted something more sleek and structured but I had no idea where to start. It seemed like the bootie round ups that every fashion blogger was completely the opposite of what I wanted. So I went to the mall and the husband convinced me to try on a pair of stiletto pointier toe ones and they were JUST THE RIGHT SILHOUETTE. But they were open toe. Which I am definitely not doing after the DC winters we've had the past few years. So I looked online and finally found these: Vince Camuto Lorenza Suede Booties.  When I first found them online they were $170. I looked a week later and they were maybe $120. AND THEN THEY WERE $70 so it would have just been stupid not to buy them at over 50% off. Can you tell I'm proud? I feel like such a winner with this purchase. 

and one more thing....

I know I just mentioned how intentional I am with my shopping, but this happened recently. For more ridiculousness, make sure you're following on Instagram! 

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