I wanted to share a really cool feature from earlier this week with you all who aren't on Twitter, Instagram etc. The other week Washingtonian came over to my Georgetown office to snap my breakfast. And this was like, the ultimate, typical, non-glamorous breakfast with me eating at my desk. But it's an honest breakfast, and that's what they wanted to share. Flash forward to this article and I'm feeling very large-eye-red-cheek-emoji because there I am: right between the editor in chief of National Geographic, two ambassadors and the owner of Ben's Chili Bowl as one of nine 'influential Washingtonians" and their breakfasts.  

This breakfast is great for on-the-run days where you need healthy and convenient! Keep your fridge stocked with these before the work week for a no-brainer breakfast. 

  • Hard boiled eggs (protein to go, no fork required)

  • Seasonal fruit

  • Siggis (more protein, a bit of carbs and all the delicious)

  • Green juice (because it's greens to go)

  • Coffee 

Healthfully Ever After in Washingtonian's "What 9 Influential Washingtonians Eat for Breakfast"

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