Next on the DC area dining tour: Founding Farmers in Tysons VA. 

founding farmers tysons review

Founding farmers:: tysons corner, va

(locations Across DMV)

What We Ate:

  • Ernesto the Farmer: aka Farm Pisco cocktail
  • Roasted Turkey and Gravy w/ green beans, mashed potatoes, cornbread stuffing
  • Cheeseburger

What We Thought: This wasn't my first time at a FF restaurant. I've been to Founding Farmers DC and also the sister restaurant on the Georgetown waterfront, Farmers Fishers Bakers (omg their pretzels). But the Tysons location is the newest. I knew going in what to expect: a nod to a more rustic, robust menu. Kind of 'down home' meets sustainable efforts. That being said, I wasn't really impressed except for the cocktails. The cocktails are amazing (their melon cucumber one is actually one of my favorites ever) and I wish we had a chance to try dessert (too full). But other than that, the food is pretty basic. Nothing blew me away that we tried. In retrospect, we really wish we didn't order the Cheeseburger simply because we already have a favorite burger place that nothing can hold a candle to. Also, this is the next place we stopped post Rose's Luxury and I think that's pretty unfair to FF. The turkey was very moist and the veggies were cooked just right. But other than that it was just...fine. I would go here if you want to entertain out of town guests and you aren't sure what their food preferences are. They have some of everything without going crazy innovative or heavy on spices. 

What We Did That Day: Caught a 9:15 showing of Pitch Perfect 2 and shopped at Tysons. 

Words of Wisdom: Definitely try the cocktails. Tysons runs brunch (buffet only with no regular menu) Saturday and Sunday morning so if you want the regular menu you have to wait until 2 pm. Even then, the brunch crowd is still there so you're not getting seated. We opted to just eat at the bar. Portions are definitely large so realize you will definitely have leftovers. This is definitely in a kind of weird location (not connected to either mall or in the parking lots that adjoin the malls...across the street as the first floor of some building). Drive and get your parking validated on your way out. 

What We Ate The Next Day: Siggis Icelandic yogurt with strawberries, Asian cabbage salad with chicken, spinach lentil salad also a scoop of Rocky Point Creamery cherry vanilla ice cream  because I missed out trying the desserts there. 

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