So today's post is kind of cool, because it out-streamlined my current healthy eating and grocery shopping habits. Let me just emphasize, how difficult that is to do. I have a routine, I streamline the shi* out of things and yet, THIS ONE THING has totally revolutionized my healthy eating and grocery shopping. And it's a produce delivery service in the DC area called From the Farmer. 

1 Easy Hack for Healthy Eating: Streamline Your Life with Produce Delivery

One of the biggest hurdles to healthier eating for people is procurement. They get decision paralysis when they go to the grocery. They don't know how to pick a ripe piece of whatever. They don't know what to do with the produce. And so they decide just to keep ordering take out that is so vegetable pathetic it hurts my heart. A produce delivery service removes all of those barriers. From the Farmer sends recipe ideas to utilize basket ingredients, they do the procurement for you. And it magically shows up on your door step. Keep reading for why I love it, why I might break up with my current CSA and a code for YOU GUYS for a discount to try it yourself. 

1 Easy Hack for Healthy Eating: Produce Delivery: from the farmer

As a bit of a back story, I LOVE to grocery shop. But most of my grocery shopping time happens when I'm working. As in, I have to go grocery shopping for procurement for business projects all the time. To multiple stores to find obscure things. So I definitely get my fill of grocery shopping. For the past two years we've done a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) subscription to a local farm. Once a week we go pick up a basket of produce and eggs from May to October. And I love CSAs and it's important to me, but there are a few down sides. 

  1. Our CSA has kinks to work out...years after starting. They are not good logistics and customer service people yet. 
  2. They aren't timely or convenient necessarily with pick up times. God forbid you have weekend plans or are busy on Wednesday in the middle of the day when you have to go pick it up. And sometimes they aren't even there on time.
  3. The produce isn't always high quality and there is never any fruit. I am real tired of broad beans.

Now those are the worst things. I love supporting a local farm. I love the harsh truth of seasonality from a single farm. But those three things I don't love but I had overlooked because I didn't have a better solution until now.

So let me tell you why From the Farmer is blowing my mind with amazingness.

  1. FTF has an amazing UX website: you click a button to pick...
    • the size of your basket (how many people in your home)
    • if you need a week or two skipped because you're going out of town
    • if that week you want to add the extras like eggs or bread
    • OR if you freaking hate beets you can select to have them always replace beets with something else
  2. Produce is hand selected by FTF. They pick amazing farms to work with to get the best of each kind of produce of the season. And that produce? It's delivered usually within 48 hours of being harvested
  3. They care about sustainability. 
  4. Your basket is delivered to your doorstep between midnight and 7 AM. I SHOPPED WHILE I SLEPT PEOPLE! Their delivery range is HUGE. Typical suburbs that DC companies don't quite reach, FTF goes to. Everywhere from Baltimore to MoCo, Loudoun to Arlington. It's amazing. 

Whether you're struggling to eat healthier or you're already a healthy eater and are looking to streamline your life, I am highly, highly recommending From the Farmer. I am hella close to breaking up with my May-October CSA and committing full time to FTF. I can't wait to experience a few more deliveries before I say yes to fresh. 

If you're in the DMV and you want to try From the farmer, use the code below for 20% off your first 4 deliveries!

" healthfullyeverafter2016 " 

1 Easy Hack for Healthy Eating: Produce Delivery
1 Easy Hack for Healthy Eating: Produce Delivery

Disclosure: From the Farmer provided me 4 weeks of free service in exchange for my  honest opinion, which I am giving you here.

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