One of the biggest hurdles my clients run into is being 'time starved'. They have super packed schedules and barely time to even go to the grocery. At the same time, they want to shop in a local, seasonal way that's produce heavy. We are totally on the same page. I feel you. Time and efficiency is crucial, and when you're short on time, eating healthy gets tough. If you're nodding your head while you're reading this, you need to know about From the Farmer produce delivery service in the DC area.

As a loyal CSA (community supported agriculture) subscriber each year, I pick up locally grown produce at a designated location that stems from a single farm. But here's my number one complaint with the CSA: you're stuck with what you get, including if you hate it. Typically, what I've found with my CSA is there is little to no fruit and way too many broad beans and eggplants. One of the coolest things about From the Farmer? You have the power to swap in favorites (All the kale and apples!) and swap out cringe worthy-ness (UGH EGGPLANTS!).

With a weekly 'What's Fresh' email your message fills you in on everything they'll be delivering that week, plus recipes! They try to find recipes that utilize multiple basket items, and are fun and accessible. (Which is nice. Because I'm sick and tired of CSA recipes that use one ingredient and require you to actually go out and buy more produce to do the rest of the recipe). FTF is also working to deliver eggs, meat, sauces, cheese and bakery items in the same basket! 

I've also found that typically, CSA based farms are a little...rough around the edges...when it comes to customers. Sometimes they don't understand how hard it is that their pickup for produce is only between noon and six PM (Seriously? So one, non-work hour in DC traffic? Nice.) or what to do if someone is going out of town. From the Farmer gets it. Their over-night doorstep delivery is amazing. And if you're going out of town? All it takes is a click of the pause button. It is literally, the most efficient and well produced (ba-doom-psh) farm service I have yet to see. 

From the Farmer: Produce Delivery DC 

So where does it come from exactly? FTF parters with local growers and specialties. If someone has kick ass peppers, they're partnering with FTF. If another farm has the most gorgeous hydroponic lettuce, you're getting lettuce from them. This curated approach means you get the best produce possible, and you're more likely to eat it. But it doesn't just end with the summer. While my CSA ends in October, FTF delivers year round because they have found local growers who use hydroponics and greenhouses. 

When it comes to responsibility, From the Farmer is as trash free as possible within their company. There is one teeny, tiny trashcan in their facility...that's it. And any leftover food gets donated. They give thousands of pounds of produce to families in need.  And let's not forget the farmers. FTF parters will farms many of whom are 3rd generation farmers. They visit every farm to connect with the producers and make sure everything meets their customer standards. 

The big announcement: Okay, this is by far the coolest part and FTF is letting me spread the news to you all right now. At the end of September, they're launching a local dinner party challenge. You can sign up to host a party using FTF local produce. Invite your friends over, gather for a meal, tag the photo on Facebook or Instagram and that basket is FREE. GUYS! Basically you are getting free, beautiful produce and an excuse to cook a healthy dinner party! WHY WOULD YOU NOT?!

I really hope my DC area readers take advantage of this amazing service and definitely the dinner party challenge! Let me know if you'll be participating or tag me in Instagram (@HealthfullyEverAfter) when you do! 

///Disclosure: This post is sponsored by From the Farmer. I was more than happy to share this amazing service with you guys because I think you need to know about this. As someone who craves health in an efficient and delicious way, this totally fits what I believe in.///

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