Guys, the quantity of squash in my life is unnerving at this point. I've already blanched, chilled, and frozen so much yellow crook neck squash for delicious fall casseroles but it seems like there's nary a dent in the supply. And with my CSA running through October I need to find more summer squash solutions and fast. 

summer squash, basic recipe 

This recipe from Yahoo! Food is as basic and beautiful as it gets but with a twist of tarragon and garlic. It's so minimal in steps and prep, it's perfect. Much of the summer I spent trying to think of some bad-ass crazy way to use it, but really, I should have taken a step back and gone with a classic like this one. A classic is something you just can't regret...kind of like this table I'm prepping the squash on in these images. It is a gorgeously classic solid pine, antique swing gate style dining room. And when all the leaves are folded out, it is MASSIVE: perfect for parties and food photography alike. Did I mention we picked it up for half of what we originally saw it for the weekend prior? Classic, good price...just like summer squash in peak season. (See what I did there? Tied nicely back into the squash.)

basic summer squash recipe 

 If you feel stuck with recipe options and haven't checked out the new Yahoo! Food, you need to. It's well curated and has not only recipes but also how-to articles and sneaky food hacks like a simple trick to fixing bad coffee. And when I say well curated, I mean it's not a horrible yellow lighting photo some random person took in their kitchen with an untested recipe. It totally cuts out the work of culling for a good recipe. You can nab ideas from one of their editors who have worked on Bon Appétit, Gourmet and Martha Stewart Living. Not a bad start, right? Or, you can check out some of their parter recipes like Food52. 

It may be a hectic September, but remember...sometimes you just gotta' go back to basics and classics. And if you're looking for inspiration, check it out!

summer squash, basic recipe 

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