Oh you guys, TGIF! I have so many exciting things I want to share with you this fall from events and classes I would love you all to attend to new places and spaces. But for now...let's celebrate Friday and come next week or on Instagram (reality check: it's the new blog) I'll start to let you all in on what's happening around Healthfully Ever After. All of it is awesome. 

In Friday celebration you've got to head over to Swooned to see the latest clean cocktail. It's based on a Painkiller which is a cocktail in the Caribbean. It is like THE cocktail of the Caribbean. Because rum is so cheap there and mixers are so expensive (gosh, you should see the price of milk there too...), this cocktail is typically all rum and a little fruit juice. It will knock you over. I have memories of pretty much sloshing my way through Mongoose Junction in St. John. You just don't know how potent it is until it IS too potent. Lesson learned. But in this version, it's heavy on the fruit (pineapple smoothie!) and topped with something fun: coconut whipped cream. So summer isn't quite over. 

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