I'm SO EXCITED (as evidence by capitalization) that it's football season once again! While I no longer follow college football, the NFL has always been a big part of my fall and winter life. A born and bred Packers fan, who receives Christmas gifts from Packer Santa every year, I married a Redskins Loyalist. Bless his heart. Our first date was a Redskins vs. Packers game. We love football. 

The only not so great part of football season is the eating habits it brings with it. Studies show people actually eat more calories on Super Bowl Sunday than on Thanksgiving. What. The. Heck. But you can change that. Altering your habits with simple steps and bringing along some healthy options to the tailgate makes healthy living during football season much easier. All it takes is some kitchen initiative. See two of my healthy recipes for tailgating over on First Impressions DC.

A Cider Spritzer: Skip the calorie heavy mixers and lighten up straight bourbon/whiskey with spice heavy apple cider and seltzer. Move volume, more hydration... less calories. 

Buffalo Tofu Dip: Having never actually made 'regular' buffalo chicken dip before I was kind of horrified to see what goes in this tailgate staple. Let's just say there were several kinds of high fat dairy involved. This recipe uses less than five ingredients...and half of them are spices! With tofu as a base to replicate the texture, you are getting a major protein boost!!!

Healthy Tailgating: Tofu Buffalo Dip and Cider Spritzer
Healthy Tailgating: Tofu Buffalo Dip and Cider Spritzer

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