Some people, even nutrition people, like food and health to be very black or white. They like to use labels like bad or good or unhealthy or healthy. But that's tough. I'm not in that labeling camp. I love some of the supposed 'bad unhealthy' foods. But I'm picky. I pick foods for enjoyment based on taste and quality. I don't settle for less. I also have an open mind and I love to try healthy desserts from raw fruit tarts to Greek Yogurt ice cream cakes. Why not be adventurous? Eat dessert and try the 'healthy' ones too. You just might find a new favorite. 

Speaking of adventure: I hope you all are gearing up to enjoy Labor Day weekend! The husband and I are off to unplug a little bit before my schedule gets cray-cray. Also, crucial note, to get the last few seasonally appropriate wears out of my Jack Rogers and white pants before I unpack the boots and tweed. Also on my weekend list? More antique front door hunting, ice cream eating, peach purchasing and probably preserving more summer num-nums. I'll take that over the beach any day. 


Disclosure: FOODIE by Mode sponsored this post. I picked out allllll the pretty recipes and pictures to share with you. Have at them! 

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